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Author Spotlight-Greta Van Der Rol


I discovered Greta’s books last year and I’m so excited to feature her latest release Crisis at Validor.

greta van der rol crisis


Newly-promoted Captain Brett Butcher is about to achieve his life-long ambition to command a battle cruiser. But before he takes up his new posting, he goes home on leave, hoping to perhaps catch a glimpse of his first love, the unattainable Lady Tarlyn.

When the queen is assassinated in a terrorist attack, Tarlyn’s life is thrown into turmoil when she, too, becomes a target. The last person she expects to rescue her is her childhood sweetheart, Brett Butcher.

As Validor’s Ptorix and human populations face off over a group of islands neither owns, the calls for war grow louder. Torn between love, duty and ambition, Butcher and Tarlyn struggle to prevent an inter-species conflict, while the ember of love that has smouldered for so long bursts into flame. But with planetary peace at stake, both will be forced to choose; love or duty.

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About the Author:

Ever since I was a very little girl you would have found me with my nose in a book. While the other kids messed about with dolls and things, I’d rather talk to the people between the pages. Yes, I had a torch so I could read in bed without mum knowing. Many years later, I’ve had a variety of jobs, including a brief, forgettable stint at teaching. But that history degree and the teaching qual came in handy when I fell in love with computers and programming, and entered the burgeoning world of IT. Why? Because most of the young men recruited into IT couldn’t write a report to save themselves, let alone explain a system to the end user audience – and I could. But the urge to write fiction has always been there, and that’s what I do now I’ve ‘retired’.

I live with my husband not far from the beach in Queensland, Australia. When I’m not writing I take photographs of nature and animals, and now and then I do some cooking.

Come on in and look around. There’s a site search and there are some obvious menu items just under the header. Enjoy yourself. Thanks for coming – and don’t forget to say hello.

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4 thoughts on “Author Spotlight-Greta Van Der Rol”

  1. Susan GourleySusan Gourley

    Sounds like a winner. I love when a couple gets caught between love and duty.Congrats to Greta

  2. ElizabethNElizabethN

    Greta’s stories definitely hold your attention. I jumped in with the Iron Admiral duology then Morgan’s Choice and have enjoyed every book since.

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