Weekend Writing Warriors- holiday style

Happy 4th weekend everyone. :) Lots of fun relaxing and eating. I also got to see Magic Mike XXL :) Not a lot of plot but good times and two hours of entertainment. LOL. It’s good to be back for http://www.wewriwa.com. To follow along click the link. Today’s snippet is from A Warlord’s Heart. My heroine is chatting with one of the Warlords assigned to protect her.

“You might as well tell me.”
Kavan barely spared her a glance. “What do you speak of, Mikayla?”
She shot him a glare but his lips merely twitched at her dark look. “I know you went back inside to have a word with Su-Su Harol.”
“It was hard to miss since I asked you to wait.”
Miki bit back a laugh. Now was not the time to be amused with the usually stoic Warlord. “Just tell me if I need to be prepared for his anger later.”
“If any dare to take their displeasure out on you they will suffer my wrath.”

4th of July Weekend

Happy Friday All,
Today is a holiday weekend in the US which means lots of eating bad things. Or good things depending on how you look at it ;) I’ll be doing my typical house hopping and dragging the fam to various places as we pig out on hotdogs and burgers. No work for me although I’m sure I’ll sneak on the laptop and knock out some scenes on several of my works in progress. *Sigh* Yes, I said several. I don’t know what’s come over me but I’m working on A World Beyond book 3, a novella for a sorta kinda secret project that I’ll announce later and two additional novellas. (one of them is fighting to be a full length) So that’s 3-4 books of goodness coming your way at some point. LOL. I just finished getting Arak’s Love for paperback and that should be available almost the same time as the ebook if not before. YAY!

Oh and for those who asked about the sequel to No Reason to Run, I’m working on that in my “free” time. I’d love to have that out this winter before the year ends but that might not be possible due to the sheer volume of projects I already have going on. The hero in that book is Brody, the firefighter, who arrives during the bus scene. I will do what I can though because No Reason was the first book I ever released and is close to my heart. Since there’s no work today I’m picking Bang Switch (Code 11- KPD SWAT Book 3)
by Lani Lynn Vale from the top of my TBR to settle in with.

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend.

Dream On-Symposium by Laurie Roma

Sci-fi romance author, Laurie Roma invited me to post an update on my writing agenda for the second half of the year. (hard to believe we’re 6 months in) Please stop by her blog http://laurieroma.blogspot.com/2015/06/symposium-dream-on.html and see what I have planned as well as some other authors I adore. :)

Laurie is also a participating author in the hot and sexy 3013 series.
3013: CHAOS (3013: The Series Book 8)

laurie roma chaos

Honor Bound Audio is Here!

Just received a confirmation email that the audio version of Honor Bound is now available on audible and will soon be available on amazon. I’m thrilled!!! My narrator did a fantastic job on the book about my Warlords and I’m excited to use him again for future books in the series.

HonorBound-Audio cover

I also checked and Rise of the Shadow Warriors print version is now live and available for those who still enjoy a good old paperback in their hands.

Summer Heat

So as temperatures soar and so does humidity, I have to remind myself that this is better than winter. Better than all the snow at least. The positive is that it stays lighter in the evenings which gives me more incentive to write because who doesn’t love sunshine? (Don’t answer that. LOL)

In terms of an update if you haven’t read, Arak’s Love is up for preorder on all major retailers. This is book 2 in the A World Beyond series and gives us a half-shifter and his female from Earth. Plus if you haven’t guessed yet the books are pretty much centered around Earth women in the Singles Program traveling to outer space and alien planets looking for love. The central theme of the books starring my Jutak warriors will obviously follow those guys and the missions they go on while finding their one true love.


Currently I’m working on book 3 YAY. :) My cover artist has shared a really awesome mock up and I’m excited to the point I can’t stop grinning. Doesn’t matter I only have about 25% written, I’m just plain giddy. Of course the cover art is one of my favorite parts of writing as I’ve shared before. Hopefully I’ll put the final version up on the site at some point in July. I don’t want to rain on Arak’s thunder or provide any spoilers on who’s next. Hmm, that’s not totally true since I include a very brief snippet at the end of Arak’s Love :) :) I couldn’t help myself.



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