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This has been a busy month so far. Lots and lots of marketing for the release of The Overlord’s Heir, my sequel to Honor Bound. I’ve even become more facebook savvy. Or I’m figuring it out more. I still like twitter for quick and easy but there is something about Facebook that sucks you in. LOL. I’m so caught up on what other authors are doing and finding new books to read that I ended not making my word count one single time this week on my WIP :( Oh, well. I have to strap on my heels and commit to some serious writing this weekend. Hopefully I’ll have some blow out sessions and get back on track.


As for upcoming events, I have a Facebook takeover planned for 9/1 from 3-5 eastern. I’ll post more later but it should be lots of fun. I’m giving away signed copies of my books, e-copies of my book and an amazon gift card. The wonderful MK Eidem, author of Grim has agreed to give away books and depending on her schedule with Wray she may stop in. If you need a contemporary fix, JA Hornbuckle is also offering up some hot men as prizes from the Hellion series and my personal fave HH featuring Dex and Laila.

Stay tuned for links and details and feel free to hop over. Now to go back to the writing cave while I force Tarik and Argan to get along with the heroines in their respective books. If you missed my August newsletter, I confirmed that the Warlords will be a series :)



Thursday Taster

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Welcome back everyone! Here’s my taster for this week. Please feel to leave a comment and let me know what you think of my bad boy Gavin and little Rana. Also, visit my taste mates at http://www.thursdaytasters.com.

     “At last?” She hiked a brow in his direction. Without answering, he pushed her onto the bar stool with a firm touch to her shoulder. As soon as Rana’s butt hit the seat, his large frame surrounded her from behind. Gavin’s chest leaned into her back as his forearms draped over the counter.

     Goosebumps danced down her spine. The smell of some unknown cologne drifted to her nose. Heavy but tantalizing. She wanted to drown in the scent. Maybe roll her nose in the collar of his shirt so she’d have the olfactory memory when they parted ways.

     “At last, I get to see your face.” The arm on her left lifted to signal the bartender who nodded and finished serving a drink to a fresh faced girl wearing a crown with the number twenty-one in rhinestones across the front.

     Rana tipped her head back to catch Gavin’s expression. Going for bold, she offered a saucy smile. “And?”

     His head lowered until his face brushed hers. “And I like it, darling.”

Author Interview Fantastic Indie Authors

Happy Monday. Can’t believe it’s the first week of August. To start the month off right, my newsletter goes out today. Woot Woot! For August, I answered a few frequently asked questions readers have emailed me regarding the Warlords. I also included a teensy tiny snippet of the next book from the Honor Bound universe :) It’s not too late to sign up using my subscription tab at the top of via my FB link.

Also, the fine folks over at Fire and Ice interviewed me :) Stop by and see what I’m talking about  http://fantasticindieauthors.wordpress.com/

Thursday Tasters

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Welcome Tasters!

It’s been a while since I signed up for the weekly sample of Works in Progress. I debated putting something new out and then decided to go with the story of my bad boy since I was enjoying to opportunity to work on it each week with everyone. So to get everyone caught up, Gavin meets a strange woman outside his tattoo shop who claims she’s been looking for him. Without asking further questions, he invites her on his bike since he needs a drink and plans to enjoy his Saturday off for the night.  Remember these snippets are totally unedited.

His body shifted as he walked the bike backward, glancing over his shoulder. “Nah. I’m taking side streets to my favorite spot. Unless you want to go straight to my place and skip the foreplay.”

     Oh, God. Rana closed her eyes. No time to back out. “I’d like a drink,” she lied.

     The engine revved once more then he turned the bike and they were off. Her weight shifted along with his. Rana bit back the scream working up her throat. On the heels of the scream, a laugh bubbled up. Wind tore through her thin jacket justifying her need to snuggle closer against the heated body in front of her. Her thighs quivered from hugging the outside of his, but the sensations of the powerful engine only continued to stir her arousal.

     Being positioned like this reminded her of sex. Down and dirty sex where a woman’s thighs entwined with a man. Arms wrapped tight around a warm body. Contact between two consenting adults working toward the same goal. How long since she’d had scorching hot sex with a man? Too long to recall.


Guest Spotlight at Toot’s Book Review

The lovely ladies over at Toot’s Book Review are spotlighting my new release The Overlord’s Heir. The sequel to Honor Bound is on sale for .99 for a limited time.

Here’s the link for those who’d like to stop by http://tootsbookreviews.blogspot.com/2014/07/spotlight-excerpt-overlords-heir-by.html





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