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Welcome to another week of weekend writing warriors where authors get together and share bits and peeks of their stories. Below I’ve posted my snippet of my recent release A Warlord’s Heart. To see what others are sharing visit http://www.wewriwa.com :)


“It shall be as you say, Mikayla.” He leaned forward to murmur in her ear. “If you are hurt in anyway… if my Warlords see you in danger.” Vaan broke off the threat and exhaled.

Her soft hand caressed his jaw. “I’ll be fine. All fear a Galip warrior.”

Balal snorted behind him at her use of Vaan’s battle cry.

“You tease but I will start a war for you, Mikayla. Know this if you know nothing else.”

Sucky Friday…whine fest. Bring cheese

I’m having a sucky Friday :( Lost 2 chapters on Arak’s Love yesterday. Didn’t use my flash drive or external drive when I decided to pop over my mom’s and do some work. THEN icing on the cake, I tossed out the paper notes I had and deleted the notes from my phone once I finished transcribing them into the doc. Not sure what happened but apparently it didn’t save which I didn’t discover until now. Major bummed out because it was a crucial important 2 chapters not to mention almost 7k of words. Gone!! I could cry but now I have to try and fix. Obviously I know what happened in the scenes but I’m not sure I’ll have the dialogue the same or all the body language and gestures. (((WHINE)))

Hope going to see Pitch Perfect 2 with one of the kids today makes me feel better because right now I want to poke a fork in my eye.



New Release- A Warlord’s Heart is out!!

Release day is here. Warlord Ramar finds love and trouble finds its way to Raasa. Of course as a die hard romantic there will be a happy ending :)


Amazon US http://amzn.to/1IwbrHX

Amazon UK http://amzn.to/1PgC9Im

Apple ibooks http://apple.co/1cOgsOT

Kobo http://bit.ly/1FbGExv

BN http://bit.ly/1HbU107


It should have been a simple trip.

Vaan reluctantly agreed to his mate’s decision to travel without him to the neighboring Raasa compounds on a series of good faith visits.

He will pursue her until he wins. 

Warlord Ramar will not let love slip through his grasp now that it’s within reach. As a Kabanian Warlord he’s prepared to battle for what he wants.

Blood will spill.

His enemies made a mistake. One that they will pay with their lives. Peace has not changed Vaan Galip. His family means everything and no one will trespass against the Overlord or those under his protection and not feel his wrath.

Love prevails.

The Warlords are discovering love and will destroy anyone who seeks to take that away from them.


I’m back and sharing another excerpt in 8 lines from my WIP Arak’s Love. To see what others are sharing visit here http://www.wewriwa.com. This week my hero is in a tight situation.

“Are you picking up on anything?” Kyele murmured, shifting his attention to the open doorway.

Arak arched a brow at the question. The others trusted the animal DNA he’d inherited from his mother but this was the first time Kyele spoke of it. “If you mean do I want to go down there, then the answer is no. Something is way off which means we can’t not go down there.”

Kyele smirked and his green eyes misted with dark shadows. “I’m ready when you are, cat boy.”

Hit a tight spot similar to Arak so took time off to focus on what I wanted. Of course this involved rewriting several key scenes and a few tweeks to change attitudes to fit the scene changes. Back on track now.


Just Because-A Warlord’s Heart

One week until the release of my new Warlord novella. Decided to share a bit just because :)

“Does Mikayla know you’re still doing this?” Her mouth curled in a wide grin and Vaan could see why Ramar found her appealing.

He snorted at her question, knowing she referenced the meat he continued to slide on their plates when his mate wasn’t looking. As if he’d stop. Still Vaan gave her the answer he would give any who questioned his actions where his youngling were concerned. “They are half-Kabanian.”


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