Welcome to the last day of July

And happy Friday :) I’m tempted to wonder where summer went. LOL. Time certainly is blowing by or maybe the older I get the faster the clock seems to move and there’s never enough time in the day, the week or the season. I do want to report that Arak’s Love is now available in paperback. YAY! I’m knee deep on A World Beyond 3 and pushed my way over a bit of a hump when my brain stalled on the story. I’m back in the groove thanks to an intense music session with my ipod. This weekend I plan to really knock out a lot since its a bit of a free weekend and next week will be busy.

Oh and not sure if I mentioned it but Torkel’s Chosen will be coming soon in audio :) I can’t wait. Then I’m playing with a novella which I post snippets of on sundays. (feel free to check out) Last on my current to-do list is an interview with Overlord Vaan from the Warlord series and a short story for newsletter subscribers. (Just need to figure out how to do that) :)

Anything exciting going on with the weekend?

Wewriwa-Something New pt2


Welcome to another weekend with writing warriors :) Today I’m continuing the story from last week. Something I’m playing with in my “free” time. Please see what other authors have going on here http://www.wewriwa.com.

We left off last week with Cellie receiving a mysterious vid-cube from a fellow guard.

Heart racing, Cellie shook the vid cube in her palms.

An image of the Commander appeared instantly. Wearing his full military uniform black jacket with black braiding and skin tight black pants, he stood with arms crossed behind his back, legs parted and his arrogant jaw tipped up.

“Senior Guard Manx.” His deep voice sent delicious tingles down her spine. “I look forward to seeing you this evening.”

Cellie waited with bated breath for him to say more. Steely gray eyes stared back for a second longer and then the cube blacked out.

Son of a…

LOL, hope you enjoyed the peek at this story that’s rambling along for me. I’m having fun with these two characters and both are proving to be quite stubborn and feisty.

Sci-Fi Sale

Today I’m sharing a sale of sci-fi romances including Project Genesis. http://amzn.to/1MP244A. All of the books will be .99 for a limited time so don’t miss out.

99c Sci-fi RomanceProject Genesis

On the writing front, thank you to everyone who has emailed me about their enjoyment of Arak’s Love. I had a tiny change with the print cover which delayed the paperback release but all should be well by next week and those who like to hold a book in hand will be able to get a copy soon.

Lindsey has hit my favorite spot. Not. (I’m stuck, now what and all that jazz) Instead of staring at the scream and whining as usual, I took the mature route and set it on the side. I did go on a blurb frenzy and finished the blurb for her book as well as the blurbs for two other stories I’m brewing. One is a secret project story that I cant wait to share more details about but I need to get further along before putting it out there. I’m also working on another cover which puts me up by one since Lindsey’ cover is done. If you’ve signed up for my newsletter the cover reveal will be in August. The second (new)story is posted on my sunday snippet blog. Words are flying on that one and I haven’t gone back to read through it so I’m sure reading the finished draft will be amusing :) :)

#8 Sunday-Something New


Welcome warriors to another week of sharing a current project or a completed work. Had a nice weekend and the whole family went to see the new Ant Man movie. I didn’t know Michael Douglas played Pim. :) He nailed it and the movie was better than I expected. Anyway, let’s get to the good stuff. LOL. For anyone who wants to follow along with the blog hop click here http://www.wewriwa.com. Today, I’m using a snippet from a pet project I’m working on when I need a break from the 3rd book in A World Beyond. Its pretty raw but I have a vague idea of where I want to go with it so we’ll see. Below my heroine has received a mysterious message

“Senior Guard Manx, a moment.” Efan, one of the palace guards, hurried to her side.

Cellie kept her pace, rapid strides moving through the multiple corridors of the palace. “Yes, Efan.”

“Commander Brom sent a message for you.”

Shoving at the blonde spikes of her hair, Cellie shot a look at the guard she’d personally trained. “What’s the message, Efan?”

The youth grinned, blue eyes alight. “It’s a private vid cube, Senior Guard.”

Cellie sighed, the Commander continued to try her patience.

Congratulations-contest winner

Congratulations to Jessica who won a free ebook copy of Arak’s Love when she commented on the Paranormal Monsters blog. Thanks to everyone who stopped by during Jolie’s awesome blog hop. I had a great time reading all the stories and picking up a few books to add to my  TBR :) Now to write and sneak in a bit of reading over the weekend.


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