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Let’s start the blog with a hearty Happy Labor day to my fellow US folks. This is a non-working holiday for me. YAY! Well except for some writing to squeeze in then hopefully I will be enjoying some good food on the grill.

Speaking of writing :) My September newsletter went out this morning AND I’m hosting at Twin Sisters Rockin’ Book Reviews. I’m already starting the month with a bang. LOL. I hope everyone will feel free to join me today for my first Facebook Takeover. I’m giving away an e-copy of my novella The Overlord’s Heir, a$10 Amazon gift card and a little swag pack which will include an autographed copy of Honor Bound and Project Genesis, a journal, some bookmarks and a Michelle Howard pen.

And for you fellow sci-fi romance lovers MK Eidem may stop in to say HI! Which means I get to congratulate her on the release of Wray. I’m also hoping another friend will stop by too with some prizeys!


Author Michelle Howard is taking over Twin Sisters Rockin’ Book Reviews on 
Monday, September 1 at 2:00 PM CST. Or 3PM EST
Join the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/259961324203959

Win a free Ebook

Today Shades of Roses hosted a book blast for my novella The Overlord’s Heir. To help celebrate the upcoming holiday weekend, I’m giving away a free e-copy.
For a chance to win please use the link below.

Q and A about the Warlord Series

So I promised to be a better blogger than I have been in the last few weeks and here I am. Again. LOL. Today I’m including the Q and A I revealed from my August newsletter. This is basically comprised of the most frequently asked questions from readers to me via email. Hopefully it will answer a question one of you had thought about. If not, feel free to shoot me an email. I’ll try to answer without giving too many spoilers about future books. LOL.

Q and A Session:

1.  Are you going to do a story about Balal and Assa?

A: I do expand further on Balal and Assa’s love in the novella The Overlord’s Heir but at this time don’t see myself pursuing their story further.

  1. Will you write more about Vaan and Mikayla?

A: I’m not sure. I never say never but I think for now they are in a good place. This doesn’t mean you won’t see more of them because they definitely have cameos in Tarik and Argan’s story.

  1. Will Argan get a story?

A: Yes.

  1. Will other Warlords get a story?

A: I think so. In my head, I have plans to branch out to other races but I do love the guys.

  1. What is the name of the planet in Honor Bound and are there other races?

A: The world is Taka. Yes, there are other races and I plan to explore them further.

  1. You don’t mention all of Vaan’s Warlords. What are their names?

A: Heehee. This is true but for all of you wonderful folks, I will share a secret. I didn’t know how to include fifteen extra people without bogging the book down. I did manage to reference nine or at least have them speak one line in HB. But here they are: Balal, Kavan, Argan, Carog, Ramar, Tolan, Eatan, Marin, Marek, Lima, Janak, Hason, Amrod, Keil and Sulon.

  1. Do you plan to write another Alpha Squad book?

A: Yes, in fact, Harkum is supposed to be next but Cal from the Delta Squad keeps pushing in. I’ll let them fight it out and keep you posted.




A Sneak Peek at what’s next

I enjoy the weekends and today’s no different. I’m off to a kiddie party today for family but wanted to share a sneak peek of my next book in the Warlord’s Series. Well, like a true pantser, I’m working on the next TWO books but for now we’re focusing on immediate next in the series and that’s King Tarik Sabarn’s story. Whoop!! I just couldn’t leave him alone after Thenl’s treachery. He deserved happiness and it seemed like his marriage to his wife was a good one so that’s what I’m tackling. I’m halfway through writing it and while he is fighting me every step of the way I must admit to really liking Tarik. He’s quite the charmer and I hadn’t expected that from him. He was supposed to be tortured and yet his dignity in the face of his lost made me love him more.  Below is a tidbit that I shared in my August newsletter so if you missed it, please enjoy :)


Tarik strode down the hall, his boots thumping loudly. For once he paid no mind to the entourage of guards behind him. Instead, his thoughts strayed to the date. He entered his private chambers and allowed his shoulders to slump. Two guards followed him while their peers remained outside to bar the outer door to would be trespassers.


Tarik ignored the concerned voice and headed straight for his desk and the bottle he’d ordered earlier. The servants left the clear bottle on the cart with a crystal cut glass etched in a red glaze around the rim. Pouring a healthy portion, he threw back the golden liquid welcoming the burn as it blazed down his throat and settled in his belly.

“Sire, are you well?”

Tarik paused in pouring his second helping and glanced over his shoulder. Mati’s dark eyes narrowed in dismay. Tarik swallowed before speaking. “I’m fine, Mati.” Or would be after he drunk himself into a stupor and pretended today didn’t exist. He’d waited all morning for his meetings to end so he could seek the oblivion of alcohol and forget what today represented.

Someone knocked on the outer door. Tarik sighed then waved a hand at his personal guard. “I don’t wish to be disturbed, Hensel. Get rid of whoever it is.”

Hensel didn’t hesitate. “Of course, Sire.”

Grabbing the bottle, Tarik turned from his desk and braced himself. Every morning, every evening and every God’s Dammed night, he forced his feet to move forward to the connecting door. He took a deep breath and turned the knob. To some, the room appeared like any other sleep chamber. At the center of the room, a large bed elaborately covered in the finest silks and sheets claimed his immediate attention.

The familiar scent though light lingered in the air. Tarik closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. Pasal. The room smelled of her favorite perfume. Allowing himself a moment, Tarik wallowed in the memory of the woman whose presence stamped itself on the large space. From the light colored window coverings to the dresser with its feminine accessories scattered across the top, all of it reminded Tarik of her.

Footsteps sounded behind him. Tarik opened his eyes and used his booted heel to slam the door shut barring anyone from entering. He needed no witnesses to his complete and utter misery. Directing the bottle to his mouth, he drunk heavily

With a deep sense of sadness, Tarik walked toward the dresser and fingered a jeweled comb. Strands of red hair clung to the teeth. His thumb looped through the silken thread as a lump formed in his throat. Last year, there had been more hair. Soon there’d be nothing left of the fiery strands he adored.



Happy Friday

Once more, I have let blogging fall a little to the way side. Hopefully with school about to start, I can get back on track writing and scheduling my blogs. Today is the end to a pretty good week. Got some writing done on Tarik’s story and jotted down notes on another book that completely wasn’t on my radar but didn’t want to ignore the Muse. LOL. I also treated myself with a new hairdo and had my eyebrows done. Almost feel like a new woman :) It’s amazing what a little pampering will do, especially on the heels of a stressful day. This weekend I have a birthday to drag the kiddies to and a final blitz on school stuff.

As for the upcoming birthday stuff for my baby boy, thank the universe for Etsy and Pinterest. Or maybe google since that’s what I used to find anything Halo related. If you have boys and they are anything like mine the Halo video game is HUGE. Really. And of course there’s absolutely nothing logo or themed for parties out there so I’m piece mealing it and loving all the creative ideas out there. Let’s just hope the kid appreciates the effort his mom is going through.

Anyone else had difficult birthday request from the little ones? Please share :)


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