Something New pt 5

Annnnd, the weekend is over :/ Why does it go so quickly when you’re having fun? I guess I need to pull up the big girl panties and deal. LOL. I’ve checked the last few posts and it looks like I can share another slice of life from the something new project I’m working on. Feel free to flip through the blog for the other segments. If you follow my FB author page, I hinted/kinda told who this story was about. Its connected to a prior release.

Right now, I’m just writing without thinking too much about it so forgive any errors. This is one of those stories that popped into my head and I needed to get it on paper. Not sure if it will be full length or short yet but I’m having a LOT of fun with these two. :)

Jax recognized Talire and two of Queen Cordelia’s body guards followed by Celli dressed in her sleek black uniform. A purple sash tied diagonal across her chest emphasized her full curves. At her shoulder an emblem bearing the Jessin crest marked Celli as a member of the royal guardsmen.

Jax clamped his hands into fists at his side to resist the urge to touch Celli when they drew near. Her uniform outlined every inch of her body, revealing Celli’s not so hidden passion for working out. Light muscles lined arms left bare by the shortened sleeves. Each step in the knee high black boots caused her thighs to pulse as her hips swiveled side to side.

The hypnotic gait drew his gaze downward to enjoy the sight. Jax remembered how he’d held her hips down as he took his pleasure between those firm thighs the night before. A man could be forgiven for missing the weapon at her right hip. 

Thoughts? Hate it, love it? LOL. Feel free to comment. Oh and if you know which book this is connected to you can share :)


Lindsey’s Rescue-A World Beyond-Preorder

Well, book 3 in the A World Beyond series is now up for preorder. I had to wait for the last retailer so I could include all of the links here :) I’m also including the blurb and cover below.






Lindsey Ferra signed up for Earth’s Singles Program wanting love, marriage and happiness. She found the first two but the third required a bit of work. Fighting aliens, running from aliens and making friends with aliens all seem to be on the agenda for the day. Her only question now is can she find her way back and will happiness be on the schedule this time.

Senate Leaders Baruk Laars and Zadal Gatar planned a marriage for business reasons. Their wife Lindsey gave them something else…love. Can these two work together to correct their mistake and will Lindsey be rescued before it’s too late?

Lindsey releases Oct 27, 2015 :)



Coming Soon-A World Beyond 3

The 3rd book in my A World Beyond Series will be coming soon. Its looking like October which is right in time for the weather to cool off and snuggle up with a good book. Once everything is formatted and finalized, I will have preorder links up. Should be this month *fingers crossed*  if I hit no delays. I’m on a pretty tight writing schedule and I’m juggling that with real world aka stupid plumbing issue aka overgrown weeds in my flower bed aka loose shingle on the roof of the garage. Grrr.

Anyway, I’ve been sharing my small side project weekly which I refer to as Something New. Take a read to fill your craving for the next release :p Today I’m posting a tiny, very small, itty bitty peek a book 3. A longer exclusive excerpt will be in my August newsletter so if you haven’t signed up yet, please do :) Use the tab at the top of the site next to books.


Zadal stifled the need to correct her. He had an agenda. He chose not to share it and  felt fairly certain Baruk had one as well.

Lindsey released Zadal’s hand at last but now he missed the soft contact. “I turned down a lot of guys already. You’re the only two who haven’t looked down on me for coming here through Earth’s single program.”

Zadal winced. It explained her odd behavior and odder speech. His plans tonight hadn’t included forming an alliance with his nemesis on the Senate panel but one look at Baruk assured Zadal that the man was seriously considering her offer.

“What do you think?” She asked, hands clasped in front of her.

The silent plea in her blue gaze pinched at his heart. Zadal ruthlessly crushed his desire to agree. The answer didn’t fully rest with him. He faced Baruk. “Have you a spouse partner? If so I can decline the lady and you can move forward in the Triad marriage.”

“No,” Lindsey gasped, eyes wide. “I want both of you.”

Once more his heart tripped in his chest. Women lusted for him. Carnal desire brought them to his bed in droves but to simply want him?

As soon as the words cleared her lips, Lindsey turned red and the color worked itself down her throat. How far did the blush go? To her abundant breasts heaving beneath the dress? Suddenly Zadal’s interest was far more engaged.


Update-Something New pt 4

Man, looks like I left my blog alone for a bit. I’ve been knee deep in the writing cave, the editing cave…name a cave and I’ve been there. LOL. I have a lot going on in my efforts to get the next book/s out to my lovely readers new and old :) Be patient with me if I seem to go dark here and there.

Ok, as a treat, I’m posting another snippet from my Something New Project that I’ve shared on my blog. Here ya go!

Cellie threaded her hand through his dark hair, strands curling about her fingers. “I missed you too, Commander.”

He sucked the sensitive spot at the side of her neck before lifting his head. “Are we using titles tonight, Senior Guard Manx?”

Cellie stretched out on her back, arms over her head, trusting him as she’d trusted no other lover in her past. “I’m open to playing if you can keep up.”

His steel grey gaze darkened at the sensuous dare. “Assume the position, Manx. You’re under arrest for violation of code 6634-Brom.”

Fighting back a smirk, Cellie rolled to her hands and knees and glanced over her shoulder. “Remind me, Commander. Which law did I break?”

His lids lowered, thick lashes hiding his smoky gaze. “Failure to make me come as soon as I arrived.”

Cellie arched her back and rasped, “I’ll take the punishment, Commander.”

Harlequin book

So I’m cruising through the net in between getting caught up on email and stumble on this.

The Forbidden Marriage (What Women Want!) by Rebecca Winters

Heres a bit of the blurb:
When Michelle Howard finds herself agreeing to nurse Zak Sadler for the next month, she’s not sure what she’s let herself in for! Michelle is reluctant to get so close to this sexy new Zak, whom she hasn’t seen for two years. Any relationship with Zak is strictly off-limits!

With the heroines name I just had to one click :) I used to love reading harlequins for the angst factor. Its been a while now. Do you read them and do you have any good recs? My favorite are the ones by Harlequin Presents. I swear I still tear up on those even when the grovel from the hero is one page long. LOL


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