Happy Halloween



Today is the last day for the booklover Halloween contest event. AND its Halloween everyone!!! LOL

May there be plenty of treats for the little ones. :) Now to prep for the launch of NANO this weekend. Is it a plus that it starts on a Saturday and leaves me with little excuse to not start on an upswing?

Nano Advice and Thursday Tasters

If you’re looking to do Nanowrimo this November check out Kristen Lamb’s blog on How to Write a Terrific Novel by comparing it to your favorite movies. Great advice and I’m sure it will help many during the 30 day 50k challenge.


Now here is my selection for Thursday Tasters.:) Enjoy my small snippet of an idea I’m playing with. My hero is firefighter Brody McKenna who makes a brief appearance in No Reason to Run. Below Brody finds himself in a sticky situation. I plan to complete this in mid-2015 so we’ll see how much I get done using TT. LOL

Brody knew the moment the situation took a turn for the worst. His foot came down on a weak spot. A sudden crackle. The aged wood gave beneath his weight.

A jagged hole opened in the floor and he slid through. A last ditch effort had him throwing his body forward. The momentum sent him in the right direction. His gloved hands scrambled for purchase and caught on the rim of the opening. The lower half of his body hovered mid-air. Not today, McKenna. You don’t get to die on her fucking birthday.

Interested in checking out others? Follow the link to see what my other Thursday Tasters are up to http://thursdaytasters.blogspot.co.uk/2014/10/thursday-tasters-30-october-2014.html

Cover Reveal- A King’s Revenge

Finally, I get to post this to my blog. I’m super excited to share with everyone the new cover for my upcoming Warlord Series-A King’s Revenge featuring Tarik Sabarn. Tarik has given me quite the struggle over the last months while I forced him to accept love and the HEA I wanted him to have. LOL. Why do characters go against you? We only want what’s best. :)


A small unedited teaser below. This is Vaan and Tarik “having a moment together”:

Vaan didn’t back up at Tarik’s approach. The Overlord waited for his attack. With a wicked grin, Tarik leaped across the remaining distance and slashed out in a feint. Instead of pulling back, Vaan raised his blade to meet his attack and with a flick of his wrist twisted the two swords to the side and punched Tarik in his mid-section hard enough to rock him on his feet.

Tarik danced back with a wince. He’d bear bruises in the morning. “I see this match is to include fists and swords?”

A dark brow hiked. “In battle do you ask your enemies for concessions and courtesy or do you fight as if your life is on the line.”

Tarik’s laughter caught him off guard and he saluted Vaan with his sword. “Forgive me for not realizing that my life was on the line.”

Without waiting for a response, Tarik attacked again and ducked to the side at the last second. The flat of his blade aimed for the Overlord’s upper arm but Vaan spun on his heels and blocked the strike with his weapon.

The move exposed the side of his torso allowing Tarik the advantage. His swift kick to Vaan’s ribs was met with a loud groan as Vaan jerked away. When he turned back to face Tarik, he grinned madly. “Now you have the idea King of Desani.”



The talk is starting. It’s almost time again. That’s right. Nanowrimo!!! Last year for 2013 I was hesitant and going back and forth whether to join. I jumped in full steam ahead the morning of. LOL. I dragged another writer friend with me, Jacy Oliver, and muddled through. The nano project later became Honor Bound. This year I was on the fence ((again)) But I’ve decided that I’m going to dive in. Full steam ahead for Nano 2014. I’m tinkering with a sci-fi idea about a lone warrior looking for love. I’m hoping to work on angst. (one of my fave themes to read about. nothing like a scarred hero getting his HEA)


Alright- so here’s to all my fellow writers joining and here’s to a ton of good books to read in the coming months as a result of the intense writing mojo. Wish me luck. LOL. It should be a hectic time with Tarik’s story releasing soon and another project I’m working on with friends.

Night Owl Reviews Halloween Event


Like me on FB for a chance to win books and gift cards. Stop by Night Owl Reviews to see their wonderful author reader Halloween event for the month of October. Follow the link for how to enter



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