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So today, I’m reading through a rough draft of my current WIP. I’ve moved on from Love Like No Other which needs a final read through when I have some distance from it. Anyway, I got to chapter 6 of my current story and went from man this is good to WTH? LOL. The life of a writer. The good thing is that I can go back and smooth out the parts I don’t like if they don’t gel. I’ve gotten a lot better about deleting sections without a strong drink :) My October newsletter will give an update on some of my coming projects as well as excerpts and I believe I have a cover reveal this month too. After I get past a few things on my plate, I will also update my book section with the latest.

I have three covers completed for upcoming books and one in the works. My head is spinning but I’ve tried to be more organized about my schedule and once I finish a project I sit it on the side for official editing, cover work, a round with the beta readers and then it goes up for preorder. Based on my re-read, this evening will include plenty of rewriting my friends LOLOL.



Something new part 9

This is probably the last snippet I’ll share from the novella I’ve titled, Love Like No Other. (a mouthful right?) The book is done and will be on its way to the editor after I’ve gone through it with a fine tooth comb.

“What’s to stop your Commander from shooting us out of the sky the minute he sees an unidentified ship?”

“Prayers,” Cellie answered and hoped her lover used his keen intelligence to check for the Jessin crest on the wing of the transport before firing.

Cordelia leaned back in her seat with a hum. “Let’s hope you’re really good in bed.”

The words startled Cellie enough to look up from the control panel at Cordelia in disbelief. “What?”

Cordelia grinned. “He’d have more reason to hesitate.”

Unbelievably, Cellie laughed. “Then we got it made because I’m hella awesome in bed.”

Maybe another round of edits? Looking at this I’m concerned hella is to modern a word for a book that’s supposed to be a sci fi romance with two humanoids that aren’t from Earth. What do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts and comment :)

#Romcon, #Wewriwa


Wow, I now have my first book conference under my belt. It was such an exciting yet scary time. I got to see some of my favorite author friends AND hung out with M.K. Eidem, one of my besties. We had a blast and boy do we have some good stuff brewing ;) I also met readers in person!!! Talk about a humbling experience. Thanks to everyone who popped over.


I might be late doing my rounds for http://www.wewriwa.com because of my flight today but I’ll get to everyone no later than tomorrow. Now back to my current WIP. Jax is just realizing that Cellie and Cordelia didn’t make it over.

“The Reina has sustained severe damage to the computer grid and most of the functions are non-compliant,” Quinti answered.

Jax gripped the arms of his chair tight. “How many made it to the Z?”

“All of the crew,” Quinti replied. “Only the Queen and her guard, Cellimina Manx, stayed behind.”

“Lita any luck with communications?” Jax prayed and waited for an answer from his communications rep.

Swelita’s frown spoke volumes as she replied, “No, sir.”

Sweat dampened the pits of his shirt but Jax refused to give in to the panic rolling through him. “Try again.”

New releases and in the know

Did you know you can follow me on Amazon for news about releases? This features not totally new but its a great measure if you’re interested in staying in touch or being notified when I have a new book out and don’t want to sign up for my fiercely, awesome full of giveaways newsletter ;) To follow me on Amazon just click on my name under any book and this should take you to my Author Page listing what I currently have out. Under my name and profile on the left, readers have the option of clicking the yellow Follow Me button. That’s it! Simple and easy. When I have a release you’ll receive an email from Amazon letting you know and you’ll be in the know :)

Right now I have book 3 of my A World Beyond Book, Lindsey’s Rescue up for preorder.






If you choose to sign up for my newsletter you can do that too. LOL. Just click the subscribe tab at the top of my site and you’ll be added to receive covers, excerpts and news about what I’m working on or which book is up next.


Weekend Warriors


Hello Weekend Warriors. Only a few days before I leave for RomCon. Need to work on a checklist though I’m sure I’ll forget something. Whelp! Nothing to do but worry :) And share. Welcome to http://www.wewriwa.com where authors offer sneak clips of their WIP or current book. Click the link to see some of the good books out there or coming :) As for me, I’ve returned to my ship commander, Jax and his lover. Last week we left Cellie in a bad spot trying to get away.

Cellie keyed her code into the door lock. She didn’t need a lot of juice. She needed a safe way for her and Cordie to get to Jax and the Z.

The lock stayed red.

“Shit!” Cellie banged it with her fist, bursts of pain preceding her split knuckles.

“What now?” Cordie shoved at her knotted hair, for once not looking her well put together self.

Both of them looked worse for wear in soot smudged clothing from the attack. Alarms sounded over head and the whoosh of flames filled the corridor behind them.

Nice bit of action and some danger thrown in for our ladies but don’t worry. They’ll save themselves.


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