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Ok, I snuck out of the cave because I totally forgot to let my German readers know that all of my books are now on Tolino :) Amazon also has the paperbacks of Torkel’s Chosen and A King’s Revenge now available. Good hump day. Now to go back and fix the bath scene with Argan and his heroine. LOL


I might be absent for a little bit as I’m going into the writing cave to finish my current WIP and get it cleaned up enough to send to my beta readers and editor. If you want to see the cover or get sneak peek excerpts and the latest, please sign up for my newsletter at the sign up tab above.

Happy Reading!

Author Spotlight-Susan Gourley/Kelley

I’m excited to feature todays spotlight with Susan. I discovered Susan’s books almost exactly a year ago with her Marine series which featured space marines who had been abandoned by their government. Now I gobble her new releases up. She’s here today to talk about heroes and her latest sword carrying Alpha in Keepers of Sulbreth  :)

Keepers of Sulbreth

Thanks, Michelle, for having me on your blog today. You and I both write stories filled with heroines and heroes. What makes reader love them?

Too Good to Be True

“If it’s true, it ain’t bragging.” Probably a misquote of baseball great, Dizzy Dean.

Romance novels are filled with alpha males. Males filled with self-confidence and capable in battles of cleverness and physical challenges. But a man who brags, even if he’s telling the unvarnished truth, doesn’t come across as very likeable. What traits can one use to make sure readers love that alpha male?

A man can be confident without being cocky. My bastard swordsman, Cage Stone, knows he’s good with a sword and excels at all things dealing with warfare.

A hero doesn’t lift himself up by putting others down. He’s not a bully and protects those weaker than himself. He doesn’t need to make himself look good and seldom cares how others see him.

He will have qualities like honor, respect for others and intelligence. He’ll even be kind to animals. Children will see through his tough façade to the big heart beating in his chest.

But who wants a perfect ‘Prince Charming?’ Alpha males hide their insecurities and avoid any discussions of them. But the heroine who cracks through that self-protection can help him heal from whatever torment lurks in his soul.

All of Cage Stone’s actions and decisions are motivated by his desire to help his adopted family. Deep inside, he believes himself unworthy of their love. His impatience and distain of the nobility rises from his experiences of discrimination as an unclaimed bastard. Except for his family, many people find him unpleasant to be around.

What insecurities do you like to see a hero or heroine burdened with? What qualities do you see as very heroic?

Keepers of Sulbreth, Book #1 in The Futhark Chronicles is available today. Little does Cage Stone, mercenary swordsman, know that his king and the Keepers, mysterious sorceresses have set a trap for him. Using his sense of honor and duty, they convince him to join their battle against demons of the otherworld threatening to overrun the city of Sulbreth. Even as Cage commits his sword and soul to their cause, he discovers there’s much more lurking in the dark tunnels beneath the kingdom than the monsters stalking the night. Only accepting his elven heritage will give him and Sulbreth a chance to survive.

Susan Gourley is multi-published in high fantasy. She’s also writes science fiction romance as Susan Kelley and has numerous bestselling series. You can find her at Susan Says and follow her on Twitter or like her page on Facebook.

#MFRW Hooks and Warlords

Another week and another hook :) We got snow on Saturday night and again on Monday night. Nothing too crazy but pretty to look at. They are calling for another attack from the white fluffies later this week but fingers crossed its nothing to crazy unlike the northeast. Some of the pictures have been mind boggling to behold. Stay warm and dry for those in the areas hardest hit. Below is my hook from my upcoming release in my Warlord series. It’s so hard narrowing it down to a scene without having to give a lot of set up but here it goes. And don’t forget you can check out other links here

“I need you.”

Her words inflamed him. Rigid control kept his hands where they were though his chest expanded with every breath. She had no idea what saying those words did to him. Before Argan could question her further, the floor outside his door creaked. They both turned at the same time. She gripped the hilts of her swords in each hand, legs braced apart. A loud thump pounded on the wood.

“Argan, you are wanted below. There is a dispute among the visiting warriors.”

Frustration ate at him. He had to address the matter with the warriors. “I will attend them shortly,” he called out.

They both waited until the footsteps walked away. She moved placing herself in the darkest section of his room where no light pierced the shadows. “I should leave. Now is not the best time to discuss this.”


Wewriwa-Warlord Teasers

Welcome back everyone to another week of snippets in 8 sentences from authors of all genres. Each week we share a sample of a previous book or upcoming book or sometimes a work in progress. Go here to check it out  This week I’m continuing with the next book in my Warlord series so it’s a work in progress. I’ve managed to avoid getting the blurb done but I’ll have to face the music soon. LOL.

The story is about the best friend of my hero in Honor Bound. Last weeks 8 showed Argan, a warlord who thought he knew exactly what he wanted from life, watching two of his friends who have found love and he’s starting to reevaluate things. My heroine is just what the tough warlord needs.

Puffs of air escaped her parted lips as Shaina leaped from one boulder to the next. Loud grunts ahead, warned that the Gorn she and her men tracked were not far ahead.

“Hettle,” she cursed as her feet skipped and slid down the rocky incline, kicking up red dust on the trail.

Justan glanced back and hesitated, silver eyes alight.

“Don’t,” she growled. If the others considered her a weakness, Shaina wouldn’t stand a chance resisting Ivak’s attempts to rest her rule away.

Lips firm, he nodded abruptly and increased his pace down the slope. Fortunately, the other three men with them missed the byplay.


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