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I’m sorry I have my 8 up late. Cant believe I forgot to schedule. Below I’m sharing from my upcoming novella A Warlord’s Heart which is available for preorder and releases May 13th. Mikayla’s have a bit of trouble with one of the Su-Su’s she went to see. To visit other releases by fellow authors click here http://www.wewriwa.com. Enjoy


Not so for Harol. The Su-Su had been rude from the moment of their arrival.

“I see the brute you joined has allowed you out. I questioned if you’d made him Su-Su in light of your birthing experience.”

Miki pushed aside her half-eaten bowl of fruit and fisted her hands in her lap beneath the table. Harol had never been a favorite neighbor and while she openly assisted any who asked for help in the running of their home, it was difficult to remain polite to the aging Raasa. His ideas tended to be outdated and his manner lofty.

“The Overlord is not a brute and my mate understands my reason for visiting my neighbors.”



I almost forgot that April is the 2 year anniversary for my blog- so happy Friday and happy anniversary :) Two years ago this month I was scribbling away furiously on a notepad and typing on a laptop when done. Two years ago this month I never thought I’d finish that novel. I did and went on to write more. I’m beyond happy that I started this blog and started writing. Thanks to my sister and Judy for helping get me where I am today, writing and loving the chance to share my stories of love and romance. Below is the first book I published. It’s a contemporary romance about my hero Shane loving his solitary life until his path crosses Olivia who’s on the run.




Perhaps because he’d been raised by a single mother. Or the fact that his sister was such a strong mother after the death of her husband. Whatever the case, he had no intention of ignoring Olivia-no-last-name’s plight. It was evident she had nowhere to go with her child. Only a heartless idiot would abandon her to the unknown. Hell, he couldn’t even leave her alone in his house. Her cries increased, sounding as if her heart was going to break.

Shane crossed the distance separating them. She must not have heard him enter because she jumped and pushed him away when he hugged her.

“Easy, princess.” He murmured the words close to her ears in hopes of stopping her frantic struggles. At the sound of his voice, she hesitated and then her weight shifted. Her cries died down to sniffles but she allowed him to hold her, the child nestled between them. He bowed his head, keeping them near and smelled baby powder.

Baby-fucking-powder. Mitchell, you are off your game. Somehow, it didn’t matter. None of it.



He had no reason to get involved

Ex-military soldier Shane Mitchell enjoyed uncluttered life just the way it was. He didn’t need or want to take on anyone’s problems.

She had no reason to trust a stranger

Ex-wife to a powerful politician, Olivia discovered a secret that made her a danger to his career. On the run with her daughter, she doesn’t see any other way to get help.

There was no reason for them to count on each other

Together Shane and Olivia find there’s no reason to run from their past and the feelings they have for one another

A Warlord’s Heart-sneak peek

In just a few weeks my novella A Warlord’s Heart will be out on all retailers. I included an excerpt in my March newsletter but I don’t think I’ve shared any snippets on my blog. Well, today I’m sharing :) I chose a small scene without too many spoilers (I think) LOL. Oh and the cover is how I picture Warlord Ramar. Vaan’s hair is way longer.

“I’m fine, Kavan.”

“You are not,” he denied with a knowing look as he propped himself against the closed door.

Miki sighed and sat on the edge of the bed and plucked at the legs of her brown pants. “It doesn’t matter.”

Kavan tipped his head to the side. “Then why does it weigh heavy on your mind? Do you think Overlord Vaan would love you less if he knew the truth?”

“No,” she whispered aloud but her mind cried yes.

Kavan glared at her. “I assure you my Sire does not care how you came to find him. You saved our lives and for that we are in your debt.”

Miki’s lips curled up in a smile as her heart lightened. “If you don’t stop Kavan, I’ll believe you finally like me despite your constant claims otherwise.”

Kavan offered her one of his rare grins. “I do not like you but you are amusing to be around.” He bowed low. “Rest easy, my lady.”


A Warlord’s Heart: Warlord Series 3.5




#8 Sunday

Welcome readers! Had an awesome weekend with great weather and spent time with friends. Couldn’t have asked for more. Now its time to buckle down on the writing front. Today I’m sharing more from the heroine in Arak’s Love. Last week, the aliens tossed a dead body into space while she and the others watched. After checking out my snippet make sure to see what others are sharing at http://www.wewriwa.com.

Full lips twisted upward in his tanned face and black hair fell in disarray about his shoulders. No, no, no. Heavy footsteps caused by his thick boots pounded in her direction. Sylvie gripped a single metallic bar behind her with her free hand as a ball of dread knotted in the pit of her stomach. Sweat broke out on the flesh of her bare arms.

Curved horns pointed at her when he spoke and the tube faces nodded as pleased grins stretched across their thick lips. All three aliens gathered in a circle mere feet away from her cage and fiddled with thick black watches on their wrists. The horned alien smacked one of the tube faces on the shoulder afterward and they laughed.


Friday has become a talisman. It’s the shiny object I wave at myself throughout the week for motivation. I’m trying to get myself in gear after vacation. Nothing really worked and I dragged  this week. Sometimes you need a vacation to recover from the vacation :) At the beach I realized that every day is rush rush and I found myself doing that- rushing about until it hit me to take a deep breath and relax.


Anyone else do this? Find yourself so caught in the rat race that you need a reminder to slow down and smell the flowers? I hope everyone has a good weekend and enjoy the break. I’m sure Friday can’t come soon enough next week LOL


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