Mate Quest-Love Without Boundaries

Love Without Boundaries

This has been such a fun week. It feels like Christmas already as I reveal a sneak peek from the upcoming anthology Love Without Boundaries. One more day until release everyone. For the gift of giving I’m sharing a snippet from JA Hornbuckle’s novella Mate Quest. It’s her first sci-fi romance :) I love her contemporaries so I’m sure readers will enjoy her crossover.

Leah’s head spun and she tried to pull out one thought in which to argue such a ridiculous statement but there were so many swirling that she floundered. That was until she latched onto two words that Bronsyn had said. Words that the other warriors also used frequently.

Two measly words that brought ice to her veins and wide, shocked eyes back to the older man.


And human.

“Holy shit,” she whispered, unable to even blink as she stared at him. Her mind was providing other items to the list, preparing an argument so wild that she caught her breath. The way all the guys in the house called women ‘females’ was one. But she couldn’t believe it, couldn’t wrap her head around the crazy idea that they were…that the warriors she’d been interacting and laughing with were…

“Aliens,” she murmured on a stricken whisper. Neither man moved a muscle or spoke a word to correct her. So she tried more in the hopes they would jump in and immediately correct her errant thoughts. “Extraterrestrials. Spacemen. Creatures from another planet.”



Oryon-Love Without Boundaries

Love Without Boundaries

More snippets and teasers from the upcoming anthology Love Without Boundaries. Today I’m sharing from M.K. Eidem’s novella Oryon. Enjoy!

“That is where our home is,” he quietly told her, his lips grazing her ear as he spoke.

Isis raised her hand, slowly covering his fingers with hers, as she too touched their home. “There?” she asked softly.

“Yes,” he said, curling his fingers to capture hers.

“It’s beautiful,” she breathed out, leaning back against his powerful chest.

“Not as beautiful as you are,” he told her gruffly.

Tipping her face up, she found his lips a hairs breath away and truth blazing in his amazing grey eyes. “You think I’m beautiful?”

“The most beautiful creature the Goddess ever created.” He told her before capturing her lips for a hard kiss.

Just 2 more days until release. YAY!

Mating Urge-Love Without Boundaries

Here’s a snippet from my upcoming release Mating Urge in the Love Without Boundaries anthology. Our pretty cover was done by

Love Without Boundaries

She touched his arm and gasped at the heat emanating from his skin. He’d been hot before but now it was as if a fire burned beneath his flesh. Her touch changed to a gentle stroke in an attempt to soothe. His hand grabbed onto hers.

“Stop.” A moan followed. “Please.”

He released her abruptly, head tilted back on the wall those amazing eyes closed.

“Aran? Let me help you.”

His lids lifted, a hoarse laugh escaping. “Help me? Believe me, Ellie. You don’t want to help me.”

Another hero that I’ve fallen in love with. Aran gets two thumbs up from me :)


Upcoming Release-Love Without Boundaries

Is it really 10 days until Christmas? There’ s so much build up and hype for the big day and it feels like it arrives faster than expected. Well, I have good news for the holiday season. I mentioned it in my last newsletter but for those that haven’t had a chance to subscribe please note that I have a sci-fi novella releasing December 21st. *cheers* Yes, another book to snuggle up with over the cold winter nights. This includes cuddling a kindle or nook :) The novella will be a part of an anthology with MK Eidem and JA Hornbuckle titled Love Without Boundaries. My contribution is Mating Urge and is not a part of the Warlords. It’s really a standalone that I thought up and then a few other characters made their presence known and this tied into my nano book and…*sigh* well you get the picture. LOL. Below is the blurb. Check back each day this week and I’ll share snippets from the other authors’ novellas as well as Mating Urge.


Desperate to escape her stepfather and false criminal charges, Elliana Cage needed a way out fast.  It made perfect sense to sneak onboard the first ship departing her home world.  When her path crosses with a handsome stranger, she’s in for the surprise of her life.

Aran T’Kar didn’t expect to discover a beautiful woman hiding out on the Zanian IX.  Protocol dictates immediate detainment, but Aran can’t resist the urge to take one forbidden taste.

Get Hooked With Me

This week for my Hook I’m playing with a snippet from my sci-fi romance Project Genesis. Vin gave up on the woman who claimed his heart when the government forced him into a military genetic enhancement program. When aliens attack Earth his path runs into the very woman he sought to avoid.
Project Genesis

Curtis took the lead and they all went down the hall back toward the stairway, Harkum bringing up the rear. Vin flicked his ear com back on and spoke. “We’re heading out.”

He received an affirmative from the others. At the entrance to the stairs, Vin passed his weapon to Harkum again. Curtis, Bransen and Harkum jumped over the pit to wait for the others. Vin signaled Nathan, Zander and Rock to do the same.

No one could miss the power in each man’s action. Muscles barely strained from their smooth leap. Helen swallowed thickly. Her eyes darted from his men waiting at the bottom landing of the stairs then back to him.

“Yeah. Okay. I can do that, too.”

Please take time to see some other great hooks from my fellow authors at



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