Schools starting…

Ugh, Argh and sigh. Can you tell I’m not really a fan of this? LOL. This is the first summer where the kids didn’t drive me up the wall. It was quite relaxing for the most part. This might have something to do with their age. As they get older they require less parental attention. In fact, I’m pretty sure they prefer it :) We didn’t do a lot which also kept things from being too hectic. A water park, a trip to New York and a few friend hang out days filled with movies, lunches, laser tag and a  loud moments in the house made up most of their vacation. This weekend I dragged myself to the store to buy tissue, glue and pencils of which only the pencils will get used (as usual). Clothes were easy since they live in jeans and tee shirts. I, however, snagged a few unneeded things for myself. ROFL.

With an empty house, I’m sure to get more writing done but I’ll be working on less sleep since I’ll be doing the super early morning wake up and run around. Wish me luck!

Anyone else preparing to send their brood off?

World Beyond and Audio

First things first, for those that have been ever so patient, Lindsey’s Rescue went live on audible and will be available on iTunes and amazon shortly. I’ll add links as soon as I get them🙂





For my Warlord fans this is an awesome day as The Overlord’s Heir also releases in audio. I debated doing an audio for a novella but it didn’t seem fair to skip such an important piece of the Warlord series so I decided what the heck?? Links below.





Not I know my blog has been featuring lots of Warlord stuff lately with the sneak peeks of life after HEA and the boxed set. This is because my next release will be Warlord Saran, Vaan’s brother. BUT I thought I’d leave a little something here for those craving a hint at what’s going on in A World Beyond🙂🙂


“Fuck! My laser cell jammed,” Bane said.

     Rydak tensed, prepared to race forward. Maniacal laughter came from the last man. He’d taken Rydak’s approach and crouched behind a tipped over hover-car. Vee leaped onto the top of the rover, flames around the vehicle rising fast. Everything next happened at once almost in slow motion. Rydak’s gaze tracked it all.

      Bane stood up, flinging his palms toward Vee, his weapon tossed to the side. Slivery lengths of white poured from his teammate’s hands and wrapped Vee’s entire torso in a sticky cocoon. The distance should have been too great for what he attempted. Bane yanked his arms back and Vee flew through the air in a controlled arch to land in a tumble beside Bane on the rooftop.

      Rydak wouldn’t have believed it if he hadn’t witnessed it, despite his awareness of Bane’s skill set. Elation filled him and he mentally pumped a fist.


Warlords Box Set

I’ve been planning to box the first stories of the Warlords into a set and finally managed time to get it done. Below is the cover and the blurb. It should go live on all retailers soon and I’ll add the links.🙂

Warlords-BoxedSet-1900x2850 amazon

Unleashing a Warrior contains the first 3 stories in the Warlord Series books.

Honor Bound Book 1- A ruthless Overlord learns the meaning of compromise and love when he seeks revenge.

The Overlord’s Heir Book 1.5 -Peace does not come easy and Vaan and Mikayla face a new challenge while they maintain the family they are creating

A King’s Revenge Book 2- All is not lost when King Tarik discovers love again. Will his enemies take away the one who owns his heart?

Buy links coming (This will not be available in print)


Apple ibooks


Barnes and Noble

Google Play

Another peek at the Warlords and audio update

Lindsey’s Rescue A World Beyond book 3 audio is complete. I have minor edits for the narrator and then its coming. The Overlord’s Heir book 1.5 Warlord series is complete. Minor edits for the narrator and then its coming. ((I’m so excited to get more audiobooks to you all))

Now, here is another peek at the Warlords as I spin my days with the Raasa, Kabanian and the Olak’din. Forgive any errors as the peeks are just something I  wrote for fun and help me delve into the characters more while I work on Saran :) This one is Shaina and Argan, the hero and heroine, from Rise of the Shadow Warriors.


Shaina studied her husband’s rapid motions. His sword slashed through the air, missing his opponent by a hair’s breath. They danced about the limited space provided by the small cave, each man determined to win the match. The blond opponent stumbled back and Argan took advantage. He flung his palm forward and dark swirls of smoke whipped out to circle the other man’s waist causing his sword to fall to the ground with a clatter.

Justan cursed as the bonds became unbreakable. Shaina laughed and the sound broke Argan’s concentration. The shadows he controlled dissipated, freeing Justan. The two men shared a smile.

“You’re going to be as powerful as the Queen,” commented Justan as he reached for the two folded towels on the ground and tossed one to Argan.

“It is only fair since the skill comes from her.” Argan caught the cloth and swiped at his damp black hair.

He met Shaina’s gaze from across the expanse of the room. She pushed away from the wall where she’d watched their practice session. Every day her husband’s ability to master the shadows grew. When she reached him, she smoothed her hand over his bare chest, not bothered in the least by the sweat soaking his skin.

“Are you done here? I thought we could practice your…other skills.”

Justan groaned and tugged on her red pony tail. “That’s my hint to leave. Give me time to clear out before you jump each other.”

Shaina’s best friend escaped quickly through the cave exit.

Lips twitching, Argan dropped the used towel in a bin and faced Shaina. “We practiced this morning and this afternoon. Am I so lacking in my efforts for my bride?”

She laughed and curved her arms about his waist, face pressed to his chest. After a slight hesitation, he returned the embrace. Her husband was a Kabanian Warlord and the former right hand to the Overlord of Kaban. Affection and physical signs of love didn’t come natural to his people. “Isn’t it you who says that a true warrior must always practice?”

Argan’s rich laughter spilled out and his arms tightened on Shaina right before he lifted her high in his arms. She braced her hands on his shoulders and grinned down at him. Moments like these were the best because seeing her husband relaxed and in good humor reassured that he did not regret his decision to move from Raasa to make his life among her shadow people the Olak’din.

“You speak truth, my bride. I vow to work harder.” His voice lowered as he made the claim and his black eyes glinted with desire.

“I’ll race you to our rooms.” Shaina used her position to shift her hips and raise her legs to kick at his chest and push back.

Caught off guard, Argan relaxed his grip and she back flipped from his hold and took off running for the arched entry way that led to the tunnel of caves serving as home to the shadow warriors. She managed to reach the main tunnels before the pound of heavy boots in pursuit sounded. Biting back her grin she dodged to the left and a rarely used path in the caverns. Hopefully it threw her determined husband off her track since he was still new and learning his way around.

Shaina placed her back against the wall once she got to the dead end of the short tunnel. Holding in a laugh she listened for any signs he’d followed. Silence echoed back in the dark. Her vision excelled in these conditions because she was Olak’din. As Shadow Queen, the darkness aided her in ways others could only imagine.

Breath coming in mild pants she strained to hear and waited. Every beat of her heart increased her joy and anticipation in equal measure. She loved to tease her stoic husband. Argan responded better than she expected to her habit of joking and proved a good sport though his retaliation usually took the form of sex. A grin split her mouth. Shaina didn’t mind his version of revenge. Sex was her favorite past time.

Another beat past and still no hint Argan knew where she was. At first she wanted to pump her fist in victory for going undiscovered but disappointment surged. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to win but the woman in her, the female who needed her partner to be equal to any challenge she put forth wilted in dismay. She inhaled deeply and released a soft sigh, the fun in the game losing its luster.

“Found you.” Two arms yanked her forward and Shaina stumbled.

She tried to find her footing while struggling to get away and was spun around, her arms clamped to her side, her back to a rock hard chest. “Argan!”

He nuzzled her neck and dragged his tongue over the symbol branded on her neck. The mark symbolized her commitment to him and her claim to declare him Shadow King. “Did you expect another?”

Her fighting spirit returned even as her heart danced in delight. She kicked back with her feet but he squeezed in steady increments until her breath lightened. Shaina snickered and relaxed in his hold. The pressure instantly eased. A kiss brushed her ear, sending shivers of pleasure in its wake.

“I thought you lost your way,” Shaina tossed out in an indifferent tone.

Argan growled. “Never will I lose you. My heart races when you are near.”

Shaina melted. “I love you, Argan.”

He turned her around and tipped her chin up. This time his kiss captured her lips. Softly, brief strokes from his tongue met hers as she was crushed against the firm press of his body. She moaned, linking her arms about his neck. Voices carried on the air and he broke away with a sharp gasp.

“We will continue to…practice in our bedroom where there is no worry of interruption.”

“Maybe if we’re quick, they won’t see us.”

Argan snorted and lifted her over his shoulder. Shaina squealed, head hanging upside down.

“Ever do you seek to tease. It is fortunate I love you.”

Shaina grinned. Very fortunate.

Peek at the Warlords

A scene came to me last night while I worked on Saran’s book. I’ve wanted to do a brief peek at characters before but then I end up writing more and more and more and…well you get it🙂 Somehow I managed to stop myself this time with a nice slice of the Warlords or rather the Overlord.

**My editor did not proof this, apologies in advance for all errors. LOL**

Life with the Warlords-peek 1

For the first time in days, Vaan had a free moment. Although he would have liked to spend the time with his mate, Mikayla had already promised to be with her friends. Unwilling to let his Warlords see him without purpose, he decided to go riding.


He winced at the shouted cry but came to a halt outside the newly redone stable. Kavan and Balal waited for his acknowledgment before leaving. Vaan lowered himself to a crouch and braced for the one-two hug from his youngling. Erana and Arane slammed into his chest, their tiny arms going around his neck. Fortunately he maintained his balance and curved his arms to enclose both as he returned the embrace.

“Greetings, youngling.”

The twins retained their chokehold on him but pulled back to smile. The small faces grew more and more like their mother every day save for the eyebrows and eyelashes which they’d inherited from him.

“You go ride?” Erana asked, her fangs causing a slight lisp.

“Want to go riding!” Arane demanded, her voice the opposite of her sibling’s softer tones.

Vaan considered the logistics of riding with the both of them. It would be difficult but not impossible. Then he thought of Mikayla’s reaction if she discovered his actions. She worried for their safety and though he hid it well, Vaan held the same feelings.

He considered asking for his Warlords Balal and Kavan to assist since both were charged with the care and protection of his youngling. Then decided against it. Today he would give them all of his attention.

“Perhaps we can take the hapfe out another day.”

Their lower lips quivered and bright green eyes stared at him in dismay. His chest pinched tight and their combined misery played on the weakness he held for them.

Erana, ever sensitive, noted the change in him. She patted his cheek, her chubby fingers leaving dotted stickiness behind. “Father sad?”

She switched to the Kaban language smoothly. Everyone used Standard to speak if necessary but Vaan learned the Raasa tongue for his mate and she learned his as well. As a result both girls spoke Kaban and Raasa, sometimes mixing the two.

“Sad?” He snorted and kissed her brow before deepening his voice. “I am the Overlord. There is no sad.”

Her giggles were music to his ears. He set them gently on their feet and took a hand in each of his to lead the way to the stables. Arane tugged on his fingers, skipping and running along side him.

For the first time since she could walk, she didn’t have her sword. “Arane, you are without your weapon today. A good warrior stays prepared.”

The admonishment slowed her down. Her dark head drooped and her toes kicked at the ground. “Nessian laughed.”

Vaan released their hands and reached over them to open the doors. The fresh smell of fur and sweat billowed out. He ignored the pungent odor and nudged them inside, never taking his gaze from his usually fearless youngling. “This laughter bothered you?”

Nessian was daughter to one of the servants at the Raasa compound and slightly older. Her father excelled at archery and showed moderate skill with the sword, a rarity among the reptilian people.

Erana tugged on his leather pants when Arane failed to answer. “Warriors are all males.”

Vaan stopped at the first hapfe stall they reached. She spoke truth. Females were to be protected by a warrior. He studied his youngling’s downcast expression. At least in Kaban.

The sudden answer to why the laughter bothered her came through clearly. Anger kindled in his gut. He smoothed a hand over Arane’s night black hair. “Nessian says you can not be a warrior?”

Her weight pressed against his lower leg as she leaned against him and nodded. Dejection hung about her like an ugly stain. This he would not allow. Vaan went to one knee and grasped her chin to tip her face up. Tears welled but did not fall. Strong, brave and ever fierce was this youngling of his.

“Hmm, what did you do when she said this?”

“W-walked away,” her voice trembled as she answered.

Vaan nodded. “Honor often requires strength of character. I am proud of you, Arane. You will be a true Kabanian warrior some day.”

Tears vanished and a determined glow lit her diamond pupils. “Truth?”

He pounded his fist to his chest with his free hand in a gesture he knew she’d witnessed many times from the Warlords who made their home in Raasa with him. “Only truth between warriors.”

She jumped forward, the force of her hug knocking him on his backside. Erana laughed and dove on top. As he rolled about the stable floor with them, Vaan reminded himself to keep an eye on their hearts more. Their emotional well being was as important to him as their physical.



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