Forgotten Trip

I think I completely forgot to talk about my trip. ((so soooorrry)) Then again maybe I did?? LOL. I’m too tired to check but I’m going to post it here again in case.:) After months of eager planning MK Eidem and I got together in Memphis, Tennessee. Blues town for sure. We spent hours at BB King on Beale St jamming to jazz and blues. What an awesome experience! While in Memphis, we caught a baseball game, visited Graceland and took a side road trip to a casino in Arkansas. So much fun that I wished we lived closer to have more time to run amok:):)

The purpose of our get together was to work on a secret project. Plot bunnies ran crazy and amidst much laughter we have some general details nailed down. More to come later. Much later…HA!

Also in terms of my Warlord book, I’m on it.

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Year planning

Half of the year has gone by and I’m frantically checking my calendar and comparing it with the release schedule I planned for this year. Things don’t match up…at all. Typical but I had personal family things come up that really made it difficult for me to even think about writing.

What I do know will come out is my Warlord book featuring Saran, Vaan’s brother. Try really hard for Kavan too. I’ll also work on something for Nano which I’ve done the last 3 yrs. (FYI-Honor Bound and Torkel’s Chosen came from my nano efforts) Maybe I’ll even jump on last years unfinished nano project. I love that story so far and it would launch a 4 book series. That’s my rough plan but no guarantee because well…life.

If you’re curious about a specific character/series feel free to comment. I can check to see where it is on the schedule.:) Or sign up for my newsletter and be the first to know all the deets.

**Also service announcement on my newsletter. I’ve tried to do a few preventative things on the back end due to recent changes with email providers and mailings. I hope the tweaks help but if not please be sure to check your promotion folder, spam or junk. The newsletter is liable to end up in one of those despite my efforts:)



Warlord stuff

So I’m working on the Warlord book and I like to work on two books to keep my mind from wandering. Needless to say, I’m buried in the land of Kaban and Raasa. I also want to shake every Kabanian female and tell them to be assertive! LOL. I must create a small mutiny for them to make the Warlords pay attention. These stubborn men are causing drama. None more so than Vaan. The Overlord needs a pot slammed on his head. Anyway, there’s the update for the book I’m currently writing:) And a tiny unedited snapshot below of what’s going on.

Saran gaped. “A true Kabanian woman should remain unmoving and allow the warrior to achieve his release.”

Vaan remained silent his stare speaking for him.

“Are you saying she moves?” The very thought appalled Saran and yet his toqa throbbed between his legs.

Red streaks appeared on his brother’s cheeks. “They do things. The women and the men. It is pleasurable for both.”

Saran’s curiosity would not abate. “Tell me, Vaan.”

Vaan glowered and crossed his arms over his chest. “Raasa do not only kiss on the mouth.”

Brows drawn, Saran listened to the words and put together what wasn’t said. His mind came to its own conclusion as he tried to envision the possibilities. “All of Raasa participate in bed play in this manner?”

A sharp nod was his only answer.

“I speak truth when I say it sounds perverse.”

LOL, oh my poor Saran if only you knew better:):)




Sci-fi Romance .99 sale

I’ve teamed up with some awesome authors to do a .99 sale on a few books. Here’s your chance to try something new if you don’t have one of these authors. I’m including my recent release Love Like No Other, which is the sequel to Mating Urge. This is for the weekend only. Have fun!


Click here to access the sale!

Quick links to Love Like No Other:
Amazon · Barnes and Noble · iBooks · Kobo


Who’s Next? New Release

What am I working on next? If you’ve been reading my newsletters or the author notes in the back of my books then you probably have a good idea. If you’ve missed those tidbits then let me assure you that I am hard at work on my Warlord book. It’s giving me quite the time but I’m having fun with it and surprising myself with some of the turns its taking.:) My hope is to get the book up for preorder and release this summer. In the mean time, its looking like my narrator will have Lindsey’s Rescue in audio soon!! I’m excited to get the next installment of the A World Beyond books out to my audiobook lovers. When I have the release dates for the Warlord book and Lindsey’s audio I’ll be sure to post it:) That reminds me that I need to get a cover for the Warlord book. I already have 7 future covers done but not this one. YIKES!

Oh, I don’t want to forget that we have more warlord books coming in audio as well. ((big grin)) Its been a real ride listening to my books aloud.



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