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Code Name: Ghost by Natasza Waters


I just had to do a quick review on a book I recently read on my Kindle. Code Name: Ghost by Natasza Waters. I liked the cover and I had read an excerpt on the author’s site. Not sure how I stumbled on that, but glad I did. This military romance tells the tale of Navy Seal Commander Thane (hot name) Austen and military specialist Kayla Banks. Kayla has left her home in Canada to work for the Navy Seals. With her twenty years in the military at home this job should be a breeze. What Kayla hasn’t counted on is Ghost aka our gruff hero Thane.

In the midst of these two fighting their feelings for one another, there is a serial killer on the loose and he has targeted Kayla. I LOVED this. The story has a bit of a rough start and I almost put it down but I’m so glad I didn’t. Natasza Waters really hits her stride right around the 20% mark and at this point I literally can not sit my Kindle down. Thane’s team also plays a part in welcoming Kayla and get a front row seat to their mighty commander succumbing to love for the first time. The story heats up and the two don’t actually give in fully to their feelings until the very end (there are reasons) The serial killer angle isn’t resolved by the end of the book-which I like. The story also leaves the very real set up for book 2 to let readers know what’s going to happen with Kayla and Thane now that they’ve acknowledged their feels but he’s her boss. Great read, cant wait to see what this author has next.

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  1. Natasza WatersNatasza Waters

    Hello Michelle,
    My husband stumbled across your blog and told me about it. Thanks for the review! Book two, Code Name: Kayla’s Fire will be out soon. In the meantime, I’ll be posting a bridging chapter so everyone will know what the team is up to!

    As a side note: I’m a reviewer for a one of a kind magazine called InD’Tale. It’s gives an honest ear and opportunity to Indie and self-published authors. Aside from the fact you reviewed my book, I can’t help noticing your abilities in doing a great review. If you’re interested I’d like to put you in contact with the chief editor in InD’Tale Magazine. The mag is growing and we need more reviewers! PM me at Nataszawaters@gmail.com if you’re interested and I’ll tell you more.
    Love, hope & faith

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