Michelle Howard – - Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author
Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

The Overlord’s Heir

The Overlord’s Heir

Don't miss this exciting novella sequel to Honor Bound!

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Novella Sequel to Honor Bound

With his enemy defeated and order re-established, Vaan plans to enjoy his life with his Raasa mate. Mikayla’s upcoming birth makes his heart sing with joy.

Mikayla prepares for the birth of her first youngling with her Overlord mate. This should be a happy time but Vaan must return to Kaban and reassure his people that he yet lives.

There are still those not pleased at the turn of events with Thenl’s downfall and seek to destroy what the Overlord has built. Will Vaan and Mikayla finally be able to relax or will trouble continue to follow them?

Series: Warlord Series, Book 2
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance
Tags: audiobooks, ebooks, print books
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