I’ve been really trying to branch out. Looking and experiencing all aspects of a writer in the quest to complete stories that I hope to one day share. Recently I discovered a great group of published and unpublished writers. I’m taking up the challenge of the weekend writing warriors. I’m posting 8 sentences from my paranormal work in progress below. Dane is a homicide detective called to a murder scene where a she-wolf witness and potential suspect is refusing to speak.

If you’re interested in participating or just want to see what everyone else is doing click here: Weekend Writing Warriors.

Dane blew out a sharp breath. “Okay. We can do this the hard way, sweetheart, and the human officers here are gonna tranq your pretty ass and take you to the station where they’ll question you behind the safety of resin glass. Or you can answer a couple of simple questions.” Dane kept his words blunt and straight forward. Sometimes suspects responded faster to the harsh tones over the sympathetic. His gut told him the female would react better to a combination of both. He would bet his next paycheck that several of the officers’ weapons were already loaded with the tranquilizer.


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