Wewriwa is here

Wewriwa allows writers to share snippets of their books or works in progress in 8 simple sentences. Or not so simple if you get creative with punctuation. Visit www.wewriwa.com to see what everyone comes up with. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. This week I’ve moved from my paranormal story with Callie and Dane and decided to share my current work in progress. The story is giving me fits but check it out below and let me know your thoughts. Olivia is on the run and decides to carjack the handsome Shane. Both don’t know what’s in store for them… and neither do I. LOL

The cold press of steel met the back of his neck. “Don’t turn. Don’t stop, just keep going.” The soft cadence of her voice caressed his ear. A voice that vibrated with nerves.

It took everything in Shane to battle his instinct to overtake her and remove the gun from her shaking hand. He dared not look over his shoulder and startle her. Christ, if the gun was loaded, she could blow his head off and not even mean to.

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