Day 4 Week of Love: Thursday Tasters

Cover PhotoThursday Tasters

She muffled her gasp at the unexpected tingle. As a distraction, she raised her voice over the motor. “Don’t you need a helmet?”

His body shifted as he walked the bike backward, glancing over his shoulder. “Nah. I’m taking side streets to my favorite spot. Unless you want to go straight to my place and skip the foreplay.”

Oh, God. Rana closed her eyes. No time to back out. “I’d like a drink,” she lied.

The engine revved once more then he turned the bike and they were off. Rana bit back the scream working up her throat. On the heels of the scream, a laugh bubbled up. Wind tore through her thin jacket justifying her need to snuggle closer against the heated body in front of her. Her thighs quivered from hugging the outside of his but the sensations of the powerful engine only continued to stir her arousal.

Being positioned like this reminded her of sex. Down and dirty sex where a woman’s thighs entwined with a man. Arms wrapped tight around a warm body. Contact between two consenting adults working toward the same goal. How long since she’d had scorching hot sex with a man?


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