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Happy Friday-late

Happy Friday. I for one am glad to see this week come to an end. Its been a nightmare for a variety of reasons. Let’s start with the weather. In two words…snow and ice. ARGH!!! Tired of it and never thought I’d say that but there you have it. I’m officially over it. Next, the kids have been out of school for all sorts of reason which creates chaos at home. Well, more than the usual. LOL. The on and off days have totally thrown our routine off rhythm and believe me, it was shaky to begin with.
So if you can imagine, lots of crying, yelling, barking and less I forget pizza. Why? Because pizza in my opinion heals all wounds 🙂
A huge win in the plus column for the week is the book I recently read by Susan Kelley titled The Marine’s Queen. Wow factor all the way. If you love a good sci-fi romance with characters that make you cheer for them then this book is for you. The hero Joe is a Marine that has been genetically enhanced with the other members in his unit.
And how does the military handle these men when they realize they’re more powerful than they expected? Declare a termination order. Kelley sucks you right into the plight of these abandoned Marines and when Callie the endangered queen arrives on scene, things heat right up.

I’m so happy I just discovered this book because it means I can dive right into book 2 The Marine’s Heiress which was just released by Susan Kelley without the wait.

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  1. Susan GourleySusan Gourley

    Thanks so much for the wonderful review. Any woman with children in the house is excused for being late for anything. I don’t know how you do it and pizza always cured lots of things at our house too. The kiddies will grow up way too quick but my two in college call me almost every day. I think they’re worried about me being alone. LOL If they only knew.

    February 21, 2014

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