Good News!

March 1st is my 100th Blog! OMG, that sure sounds like a lot. LOL. I can’t believe I’ve blogged for almost a year and had something to talk about here and there. Well, congrats to me and my writing blog. I absolutely have enjoyed myself.
More awesome good news, I also have Jackie Rhoades, paranormal author extradonaire joining me for Meet and Greet author week 3/5-3/8. We’ll have a wonderful guest blog from Jackie on 3/8. Now, because I’m loving life and all this positive energy, I’ve decided to add a contest for FREEBIES!!! Its a thank you for everyone stopping by and a thank you to all the authors who generously shared their time to be a part of my blog next week.
All comments entered during Meet and Greet week will be entered to receive a free copy of (1) ebook from any of the authors participating. Book must be released in eformat. Comments will be counted as (1) entry per blog.
For example, one comment on Monday counts as one entry. One comment on Tuesday counts as a second entry. BUT you can’t comment twice on Monday to receive two entries.
Here is the line up again:
Monday- Interview and Excerpt from JA Hornbuckle
Tuesday-Interview and Excerpt from MK Eidem
Wednesday-Guest Blog and Excerpt from Susan Kelley
Thursday-Interview and Excerpt from Chantel Rhondeau
Friday-Guest Blog and Excerpt from Greta Van der Rol
Saturday-Guest Blog and Excerpt from Jacqueline Rhoades

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