Meet and Greet-Susan Kelley

Today’s guest, Susan Kelley has agreed to host us today with her love of dragons. Remember, all comments count as (1) entry to win a free ebook from one of the authors this week.

The Four Elements and Dragons

Thank you so much, Michelle, for having me as your guest today. I’m always ready to talk about dragons and my dragon in particular.

Most dragon stories take place in medieval settings. I could go on and on about word building but instead I’m going to talk about science. Science is based on what we can see and prove. In medieval times, what they could see and know existed were general basic things. The world had four things essential to everyday life.

They needed the earth, the dirt beneath their feet to plant food, to build mud bricks, to graze their animals upon. Despite the fame of warriors, farmers were the most important people for survival. Stones, used for building homes and walls to keep out the darkness, were part of earth.

We all know how essential water is to life. Medieval people grew their villages along water sources. They dug wells before they built walls. Waterways served as means of transportation.

The only more essential element for life than water is air. Very early in civilization man accepted the existence of the element he couldn’t see. He could feel it in the wind and watch it move things. He learned a body would die if deprived of it.

The fourth element, fire, was tamed for man’s comfort. Not only did it keep him warm and cook his food, he learned it could chase away the shadows and wild creatures of the night. Fire comforted him.

Each of the four elements though essential to human existence can also be deadly. Many believe we all favor one element or the other.

In my fantasy novel, First Dragon, the four elements are connected with two different types of magic. Lyla Logan learns as a young woman that she controls the elements of air and water. With her magic, she can call up storms of wind, rain and snow. A Daughter of storm magic.

Dragons are creatures of fire and the earth. Their bones are strong as the rocks making up the mountains and fire is their weapon of choice. Kerik is the last true dragon, lord of fire.

Dragons and Daughters are natural enemies, their elements opposing each other. But Kerik and Lyla are bound by friendship and history to fight against the ruthless enemy invading their land from the north. Though they should be mortal enemies, both remember a time before they understood their natures when they loved each other. Not even fighting for their lives and the survival of everyone they love can prevent the storm when their natures touch each other.

Which element are you most like? Hot as fire? Cool as water? Changeable as the wind? Solid as the earth? Thanks again, Michelle, for hosting me today.

You can find First Dragon on Amazon.

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Also enjoy her bestselling science fiction romances as Susan Kelley: The Marine’s Queen, The Marine’s Heiress.

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