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Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

Sneak Peek 2-Project Genesis


Project Genesis

Vin Michaels gave up a lot when he “volunteered” for Project Genesis: a career, a normal life and a budding romance with the career-minded Helen Scott. But what else was he supposed to do when the government offered him no other option?

When a surprise attack on Earth brings Helen back into Vin’s life, he realizes he has a bigger fight on his hands than just getting rid of aliens, because his connection to her couldn’t be denied or brushed aside. But after Vin dumped her without explanation, Helen’s guarding her heart against the Alpha Squad team leader.

With a battle  brewing on both fronts, Vin wonders if he’ll ever win either of them.


Excerpt (unedited)

Vin closed the door behind him on a relieved sigh. The quiet had a soothing effect. Too quiet. Instantly stiffening, he jerked away from the door looking for Helen. The living area attested to its lack of occupants. Heart hammering in his chest, he made his way to his bedroom and relaxed against the wall. Helen bent at the waist sliding her pants down her tanned golden legs.

With her back to him, Vin decided to enjoy the show. When she straightened her black lace panties molded to her butt. He loved the peek at the small dimple in her lower back as she removed her shirt. Vividly reminded of the earlier glimpses of her in bra and underwear, Vin approached on silent feet.

Helen jumped when his hands landed on her waist and he eased her around to face him. “Vincent is everything okay?”

What could he say? ‘No, Earth’s refusing to surrender and now there appeared to be an all out war for the planet. Or, hey, I’m probably going to be gone a lot while I battle a new enemy and there’s a strong possibility I might not make it.’

“Things are okay for now.” He settled for a neutral answer and slid his hands up her torso enjoying the satiny feel of her skin beneath his fingers.

“We can’t,” she demurred and tried to shrug from his grip.

Vin tightened his hold and pressed his clothed body to her almost naked one. “We can.” He stilled any further protest by kissing her. Not gentle. Not tentative. But deep and full of the desire he’d been holding back for months. Full of the feelings he couldn’t…wouldn’t put into words.

At first he she didn’t respond. Her lips lay pliant beneath his. F* no. Increasing the pressuring of his lips, Vin rocked against her. Her mouth finally parted and her tongue twisted with his on a moan. Vin’s hands cruised up until he cupped her breasts in his palms. Plump flesh overflowed. Helen adjusted in the small space he allowed between them and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Her touch sent tingles of awareness down his spine. Vin sucked on her dancing tongue and turned pinning her to the closest wall. Her back bumped it solidly but she didn’t loosen the grip she had on him. Vin pressed his leg between hers and ground his hips forward.

“You stopped calling,” she breathed out when he broke the kiss to unlatch her bra.

“I know,” he admitted, nibbling his way along her mouth and nipping her chin. “Tonight, Helen. Give me tonight.” Lowering his head, he placed a kiss on her forehead. “Please.”

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