Author Spotlight-Salimah Dhanani

Happy June everyone. The summer months have arrived. And I mean that in true style since its been upper 80’s and a couple of 90 degree days. Not quite scorching but something to adjust too. Luckily, when I’m home looking out, I love it. When I’m in it, let’s just say umm not so much. LOL.


Today I’m featuring a new author who has recently released her first YA urban fantasy. I discovered Salimah on Facebook and I’m so excited for her. I’ve downloaded Laila and plan to read it this weekend 🙂


Book Blurb:

Laila has a secret. She is the granddaughter of one of the most powerful witches of Pakistan, Shakil Kalazar. Ever since she was ten years old and the Kalazars killed her mother, Laila vowed to resist her own supernatural powers and lead a life devoid of witchcraft. She is now nineteen.
Everything changes the day that her father is shot, when she realizes that her powers have become stronger and darker, now that she is able to transfer life energy using transkinesis. That is also the day that Laila meets Mark Mousakes, the young American surgeon who operates on her father. Mark is witty, thoughtful and painfully handsome. As much as Laila tries to avoid Mark, she finds their paths crossing and their mutual attraction impossible to deny.
With her mother’s killer in pursuit, Laila becomes embroiled in a plot of kidnapping and child trafficking, and a maelstrom of dark and dangerous witchcraft.
Laila must now embrace her unique abilities as she sets off for a remote part of Pakistan to face the Kalazars in this gripping tale of magic, sacrifice, family secrets and the power of love.

Available for purchase on Amazon, for Apple products on the iBook store, for nook on Barnes & Noble, on Smashwords, and most other ebook retailers. Print edition to be released on amazon shortly.

Review copies: Available for free in epup, mobi, and pdf formats by request.
Author Bio:

Webpage profile 640

Salimah Dhanani is a pediatrician and a writer. Born and raised in Pakistan. She is now settled in upstate New York with her husband and two daughters. Here, she supervises and teaches residents and medical students, in the field of pediatric.




Author Contact:

Twitter: SalimahDhanani
Facebook: Facebook profile


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