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Wednesday Winner


Happy Humpday! I havent done a Wednesday Winner in a while and not because I havent read a ton of good books lately but simply because time gets away from me. Today I couldnt help but share my latest discovery. Over the weekend I read a great sci-fi romance based on a review another author wrote. Every thing that was mentioned appealed to what I like in a book so I quickly jumped on it. OMG, what a fantastic read. But first let me at least share the title. LOL

The Ophelia Prophecy by Sharon Lynn Fisher. The premise is that a mutant form of humans have taken over a future version of our world and the rest of us are no longer the top species. This is a sci-fi romance and the author does an amazing job of balancing the world building of the Manti race and the romance between the lead characters Asha and Pax. The two should be enemies but circumstances put them in the position where they must depend on each other and trust what they are feeling versus what they’ve lived.

Fisher creates another race and isnt afraid to show humanoids that have some very real differences. It’s not just the culture but the physical aspects that held my attention. The plot also takes the reader on a roller coaster that had me sighing in the end and constantly thinking over what I’d finished.  To show my true addiction for this new author I immediately put Ghost Planet on my kindle and stayed up way too late finishing.

Ghost Planet is my 2nd Wednesday Winner. Yes, I know, its the same author but I couldnt help but spread the word about this new discovery. If I thought The Ophelia Prophecy was a great read, Fisher completely blows you away in Ghost Planet. The blurb had me hesitant because it doesnt come close enough to selling you on what you’re about to discovery when you turn the pages. (or finger swipe in my case :)) I am in love with Dr. Murphy. This Alpha male leaps off the page from the very beginning. Elizabeth Cole arrives on a transport to study the Ghost phenom on the Ghost Planet and Murphy is the doctor she’s been assigned to work with. Elizabeth is strong, savvy and so smart she doesn’t let circumstances keep her from finding the answer to the problems that develop. Talk about emotions all over the place and an HEA that made me giggly. Sleep deprivation may have caused the giggles. 🙂

If you get the chance I highly recommend you add these two to your sci-fi TBR ASAP and don’t let them sit or you’ll miss out on a true treat. The only down side is that her next release Echo 8 isnt out yet. Or maybe thats good since I have sleep to catch up on. LOL



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