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The Pradorian Mate by C. Baely and Kristie Dawn


The Pradorian Mate

The last thing Sara imagined before death claimed her was to wake up on a strange vessel sailing through the vast reaches of outer space. She certainly didn’t expect to land on a planet inhabited by aliens, much less having to mate with one of them. To her astonishment, she was captured by the leader of the alien horde, only to be claimed as his mate. Fear crept into Sara’s heart at the thought of her secret being discovered, but that was the last of her worries as she faced an ultimatum; to live, or die. What would she choose and where would this decision lead her?

Archail was a proud Pradorian warrior. He was meant to lead his people to a promising future, but was unprepared to find himself with a stubborn Earth female who, to his annoyance, became his main concern; her survival his unwavering goal. Highly imprinted in him the sense of duty and a promise to his people; procreation would again be possible. But would he be willing to sacrifice himself for a woman from Earth? Would she accept the only thing he hadn’t given throughout his immortal life, his heart.

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About the Authors:

C. Baely, the originator of “The Pradorian Mate”, was born in Australia. She has had an adventurous life and is currently settled down in Greece with her family. As a person with a creative mind and an equally busy lifestyle, she hopes to keep writing for as long as her unique, fantastical ideas keep flowing!

Kristie Dawn and co-author to “The Pradorian Mate” was born in Texas, am currently resides in Lampasas, Texas, United States. At 27 years of age, she’s happily married with two children and three moody, crazy cats.

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