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Happy Friday


This is one of those Fridays at the end of the week where you just take a deep breath and exhale. I am in need of a relaxing weekend with plenty of writing on my schedule. Just in case you had a long week  I’m having a .99cent sale on No Reason to Run, my contemporary first novel. It starts today and will run until Monday October 6th. If you’re anything like me a nice book is a great way to let go of some stress.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend. Looks like I’m off to get the new Mario Smash bros release for the kiddets. LOL



He had no reason to get involved

Ex-military soldier Shane Mitchell enjoyed uncluttered life just the way it was. He didn’t need or want to take on anyone’s problems.

She had no reason to trust a stranger

Ex-wife to a powerful politician, Olivia discovered a secret that made her a danger to his career. On the run with her daughter, she doesn’t see any other way to get help.

There was no reason for them to count on each other

Together Shane and Olivia find there’s no reason to run from their past and the feelings they have for one another


2 thoughts on “Happy Friday”

  1. Susan GourleySusan Gourley

    Reading in on my schedule for the weekend. I need some unwind time after the hectic week.

    October 3, 2014

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