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Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

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Hello everyone and happy almost turkey day to those in the US. Its a short week for the kids and a long weekend for the adults. LOL. I’m excited since I’m hosting the holiday at my house. Lots of cleaning and prepping to feed the masses.

Now unto the good stuff 🙂 My hook this week is another tidbit from my upcoming release A Kings Revenge.

The familiar scent though light lingered in the air. Tarik closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. Pasal. The room smelled of her favorite perfume. Allowing himself a moment, Tarik wallowed in the memory of the woman whose presence stamped itself on the large space. From the light colored window coverings to the dresser with its feminine accessories scattered across the top, all of it reminded Tarik of her.

     Footsteps sounded behind him. Tarik opened his eyes and used his booted heel to slam the door shut barring anyone from entering. He needed no witnesses to his complete and utter misery. Directing the bottle to his mouth, he drunk heavily.

                With a deep sense of sadness, Tarik walked toward the dresser and fingered a jeweled comb. Strands of red hair clung to the teeth. His thumb looped through the silken thread as a lump formed in his throat. Last year, there had been more hair. Soon there’d be nothing left of the fiery strands he adored.

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