#MFRW-Warlord Tease

I love when it’s hump day. It means the week is almost over and the weekend is within reach. Welcome everyone to another week of hooks by authors sharing their work. Since Torkel’s Chosen released, I decided to use another story to share. This is unedited since I went with a work in progress for my next book in my Warlord series. My hero Argan Kril is having a moment with his heroine to be 🙂

Her head tipped to the side as she studied him. He remained still under her intense gaze. “You’re more than you appear Warlord of Kaban.”
“I believe at this point you have leave to call me Argan, Shaina.”
Her lips twitched. “Argan it shall be.”
Her humor tempted him to step forward and touch her. Seeing no reason to resist, Argan came close enough to feel the rapid rise of her chest. Black streaks darted through the silver mist of her eyes as the lids lowered to half mast. He cupped her jaw with a tenderness he had not known he possessed and tipped her face up further. The small cut on her bottom lip explained the swelling.
“I would have another of your kisses,” he murmured before lowering his head and brushing his mouth over hers.
Argan waited and she did not disappoint. Her soft tongue swiped over his lips before she pressed her mouth to his. He groaned deep in his throat at the sensation from the small contact. Her hands fluttered over his shoulders before settling on his chest. His muscles tensed beneath her caressing fingers and Argan had to force himself to back away.


Now hop to others and share 🙂 http://mfrwbookhooks.blogspot.com/


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