Michelle Howard – - Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author
Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

Sneak Peek 2-Secret Fire


Want another look at Kon and Breya’s upcoming romance? Here it goes!

Heart racing, Breya took a step toward him. Sweat dampened her brow but she had to speak past the lump in her throat. Her breath hitched but she pushed the words out. “I wasn’t sure of you.”

Kon sighed and rose to his feet. He shook his head sadly. “Lies. There is not a single Dracol who hasn’t known how I felt about you. Including yourself, Breya. Tell me the truth for once. Why did you stay away?”

“I was scared!” she shouted, letting her emotions free for the first time. “You loved me and I ruined everything. Yes, I knew you still cared about me but that didn’t mean you still wanted me.”

“There hasn’t been a time when I didn’t want you,” he whispered, taking a step forward.

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