Michelle Howard – - Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author
Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

Sneak Peek 3-Craving Love


Apologies! Forgot the snippet for the week. I’ve been busy behind the scenes with stuff. Here you go.


The rough chuckle he let out had nothing to do with humor. It was part frustration. “She’ll help because it’s who she is. She’s kind, generous and trusting.”

Rook slapped him on the shoulder. The corner of his mouth curved upward. “Why’s she interested in you?”

Dorian rolled his eyes. “The same reason Seraphina didn’t blow your head off that day she had the opportunity.”

“Yes, well, my mate loves me. There’s a difference.”

His smile fell. He and Zsamei weren’t Rook and Seraphina. Rook gripped his shoulder and continued. “You have to tell Kyele. Make sure your head is straight for this mission.”

Dorian arched a brow. “Like yours was?”

Rook had the grace to blush then shoved at Dorian. “Worked out though.”