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Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

Torkel’s Chosen


Happy Holiday Season!
It is the merry time of year AND my 10 year publishing anniversary. I can’t believe December 2023 marks 10 years since I published my first book. I still remember how excited I was to sell those 23 copies of No Reason to Run and it wasn’t family members. LOL

To kick off the celebration, Torkel’s Chosen is now FREE on all retailers for a limited time. If marriage of convenience is your jam, this book is for you. It’s available in print and audio.

While my other books did pretty decent, A World Beyond is the series that allowed me to work from home as an author for 10 years and I’m incredibly grateful for every reader who made that possible.

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  1. DebbyDebby

    Love A World Beyond!

    December 14, 2023

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