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Relentless Fire-New Release

Wow, only 3 months into the year and here’s my 2nd release. 🙂 Its also available for print already. I’m so excited about the books I plan to publish this year. Here’s to more exciting reads! Without further ado go check out Varyk my dragon shifter.

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The primal urge said to claim her, so he did. “You’re mine, Inez. My sweet amans. I’m never letting you go.”


5 yr Authorversary

My blog started 5 years ago this month. 5 years ago my sister gave me an RWA membership and journal to try writing for my birthday. In fact, she set up this site for me as well to blog my journey to authordom at the same time. Needless to say I was startled, kinda scared then thought what the heck. I loved reading and writing and figured let me at least try. Fast forward 5 years later and I’ve published 20 books, have two running series, won awards and made the USA bestsellers list. No way could I have imagined or even hoped for that kind of happiness. And it is happiness for me. Looking at my printed books filling a shelf and I can only shake my head in wonder.

So happy authorversary to me and thanks to all the readers and friends I’ve discovered along the way. Here’s to another 5 years. 🙂

Relentless Fire-sneak peek

Now that I’ve shown the cover, here is a little peek at my green dragon shifter King Varyk. For those who can’t wait until 3/16/17, the print is already available for sale.

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“Varyk, be honest with me. What’s this about?”

The appeal in her gaze forced the truth from him. Unashamed of his sexuality and hoping she’d agree, he stated it all with raw candor. “I want you. I wake at night thinking of you. My dreams focus on how tight and wet you were in that pit.” He licked his lips, staring at the pink bow of her mouth. “There are so many things I still want to do as I make you scream my name.”



What’s next?

It was a whirlwind week last week so thank you to everyone who bought Jaron’s Promise and those who are following my Jutak warriors as they find love. When I release a new book its a nervous but exciting feeling and all because you share how much you enjoy my stories. 🙂 Already I’m getting what’s next emails and questions. LOL. That’s all good too 🙂 🙂 Coming next month on March 16 is Relentless Fire which is the dragon shifter sequel to Rylin’s Fire. Below is the cover and the blurb.

(previously released in Trial By Flame with MK Eidem)

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Three words which best described Varyk, King of the Green Dracol. Events in his life taught him to  hold his heart back to avoid the pain of loss. To do so, he used his insufferable attitude as protection and it worked. Until fate came into play.




Inez is a soldier with the Black Dracol who has no problem saying what she means. Love and mating are for the distant future. Until an act of betrayal causes her path to cross and arrogant King.

Suddenly two opposing forces must find a way to work together to ensure the continuation of the hard fought peace between their kind.

Jaron’s Promise Releases

News! News!

Rydak’s Fall in print

Book 1 Torkel’s Chosen on sale for .99 (limited time)

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Jaron’s Promise releases today! Its in print too 🙂

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Here’s a look at Jaron’s lady Sasha


After new guy paced in full twice, Sasha leaned a shoulder against the bars at the front of her cage and crossed her ankles. His silence grated. “Do I get a name?”

He barely reacted to her tone. “Jaron.”

“First name only, huh?”

He came to a stop in the center of his allotted space. The corner of his mouth kicked up in a grin of pure wicked humor. “It’s best.”

“Too bad. I only sleep with men who give me their full name.”