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Project Genesis

Project Genesis (Alpha Squad) – Sci-Fi Romance

(Available at Amazon BN Kobo Apple and Smashwords)

Vin Michaels gave up a lot when he “volunteered” for Project Genesis: a career, a normal life and a budding romance with the career-minded Helen. But what else was he supposed to do when the government offered him no other option?

When a surprise attack on Earth brings Helen back into Vin’s life, he realizes he has a bigger fight on his hands than just getting rid of aliens, because his connection to her couldn’t be denied or brushed aside. But after Vin dumped her without explanation, Helen’s guarding her heart against the Alpha Squad team leader.

With a battle brewing on both fronts, Vin wonders if he’ll ever win either of them.

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No Reason to Run (Harmony #1) – Contemporary
(Available at Amazon , Barnes and Noble , Kobo and Apple)

He had no reason to get involved
Ex-military soldier Shane Mitchell enjoyed uncluttered life just the way it was. He didn’t need or want to take on anyone’s problems.

She had no reason to trust a stranger
Ex-wife to a powerful politician, Olivia discovered a secret that made her a danger to his career. On the run with her daughter, she doesn’t see any other way to get help.

There was no reason for them to count on each other
Together Shane and Olivia find there’s no reason to run from their past and the feelings they have for one another.

**Intended for mature audience. Contains explicit sex and language

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Honor Bound (Warlords Series #1)- Sci-Fi Romance
(Available at Amazon  BN Kobo Apple Audio)

To save her people, Mikayla S’Apul has only two options: Become a prize in the upcoming battle or take control of her fate. When a worn journal falls into her hands revealing the secrets of a legendary group of warriors, Mikayla realizes it holds the answer to her dilemma. A marriage of convenience is the only way to protect the Raasa people.

Overlord Vaan Galip is the commander of the Warlord army tasked with protecting Kabanians and bringing peace to his lands. Betrayed by one of his own, joining with Mikayla S’Apul would provide her people with protection while giving him the opportunity for vengeance. Falling for the Raasa female was never part of his plans

When a common enemy threatens, Vaan and Mikayla learn the true depth of what it means to be bound not only by marriage but by honor.

**Intended for mature audience. Contains explicit sex and language


The Overlord’s Heir (Warlord Series #2)– Sci-Fi Romance novella

(Available at Amazon BN Kobo Apple and print/paperbackSmashwords)

With his enemy defeated and order re-established, Vaan plans to enjoy his life with his Raasa mate. Mikayla’s upcoming birth makes his heart sing with joy.

Mikayla prepares for the birth of her first youngling with her Overlord mate. This should be a happy time but Vaan must return to Kaban and reassure his people that he yet lives.

There are still those not pleased at the turn of events with Thenl’s downfall and seek to destroy what the Overlord has built. Will Vaan and Mikayla finally be able to relax or will trouble continue to follow them?


A King’s Revenge (Warlord Series #3)– Sci-Fi Romance

(Available at Amazon BN Kobo Apple, print/paperback and Smashwords)

When you lose what you loved most…

Tarik Sabarn, King of Desani, thought he’d lost everything when his Queen was murdered.  In the years following her death, he gave up on love and focused on ruling his Kingdom. When he meets Lea at a United Alliance meeting, he finds what was once lost.

When you find what you’d always been searching for…

Lea never imagined a random night of passion would lead to answers she’d spent years searching for. After a night with Tarik, she learns more than she bargained for and finds love. But if she’s not careful, they’ll both lose out again.


Rise of the Shadow Warriors (Warlords #4) -Sci-Fi Romance

(Available on Amazon, BN, print/paperback Apple, Kobo , Google Play)

She came from a race long thought dead

Shaina C’Err belonged to the Olak’din, a secret race of warriors. With her people in danger she asked for help from the one warrior who owed her. With a Kabanian Warlord at her side, she might have a chance at defeating her enemies.

He craved what his friends had attained

Argan Kril never thought he’d long for love until his life changed forever. Now among the Raasa he watches his best friend and his fellow Warlord with the women who love them. His upbringing dictates that such a bond is for the weak but when his path crosses with Shaina he feels stronger and happier than he’s ever been.

Neither expected the battle they’d wage together would have such a steep reward.


A Warlord’s Heart (Warlord Series #5) -Sci-Fi Romance

(Available on Amazon, BN, Apple, Kobo, Google Play)

It should have been a simple trip.

Vaan reluctantly agreed to his mate’s decision to travel without him to the neighboring Raasa compounds on a series of good faith visits.

He will pursue her until he wins.

Warlord Ramar will not let love slip through his grasp now that it’s within reach. As a Kabanian Warlord he’s prepared to battle for what he wants.

Blood will spill.

His enemies made a mistake. One that they will pay with their lives. Peace has not changed Vaan Galip. His family means everything and no one will trespass against the Overlord or those under his protection and not feel his wrath.

Love prevails.

The Warlords are discovering love and will destroy anyone who seeks to take that away from them.



Unexpected Bride (Warlord Series #6) Sci-Fi Romance

(Available on amazon ibooks kobo BN)

Saran was a Warlord who was used to having what he wanted, when he wanted, and how he wanted. He was strong, capable and feared.

Then an event changed his world forever. Now all he has left is fear and the woman that he gave little notice to before.

He’ll discover that just as strength comes in many different forms so does love and sometimes it takes the heart of a Warlord to recognize his unexpected bride.


Warlords-BoxedSet-1900x2850 amazon

Unleashing a Warrior (Warlord Series 1-3 box set)

(Available Amazon, BN, Kobo, Apple, Google Play)

Honor Bound Book 1- A ruthless Overlord learns the meaning of compromise and love when he seeks revenge.

The Overlord’s Heir Book 2 -Peace does not come easy and Vaan and Mikayla face a new challenge while they maintain the family they are creating

A King’s Revenge Book 3- All is not lost when King Tarik discovers love again. Will his enemies take away the one who owns his heart?

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Torkel’s Chosen (A World Beyond Book 1) -Sci-Fi Romance

(Available on Amazon , BN , Kobo Apple , audio)

What would you do if Earth didn’t have enough men?

Would you take a chance and leave the only world you knew behind?

This is the decision Faith Reid faces. Placing all her hope in a new government program, she seizes the opportunity that offers a chance for the women of Earth to find love among the stars, on a world beyond the one they know.

How many times can one man risk rejection?

Would you give up on your dreams?

Torkel Alonson has had enough of being ignored and looked over by females on his adopted home world of Enotia. His pride has suffered and he must accept the painful truth. Females will never choose a male with his evil lineage despite his honorable service to his government’s military.

Can two people looking for the same thing find not just what they want but what they need in one another?


Arak’s Love (A World Beyond Book 2) -Sci-Fi Romance

(Available on Amazon, BN, Apple and Kobo, audio)

Half-Argoran shifter, Arak O’tir knew good people existed. He worked with some of them. But as a deadly Jutak warrior, his work often took him into the less savory elements of society. So much so, he shielded his heart from those he rescued. That was, until one particular mission leaves him longing for a specific female. Someone who made him tremble even if she wasn’t from his world.

Sylvia Forrester never expected her quest for a husband would lead her into danger. Nor could she have ever foreseen that her search would find her captured by aliens and added to a list of potential sex-slaves to be sold for a high profit. While her captors should have broken her, destroying any hope she’d had of a life happily-ever-after, Sylvia’s savior has her wondering if her earlier dreams could still come true.

But Arak and Sylvia soon discover love and passion has its own price.


Lindsey’s Rescue (A World Beyond Book 3) –Sci-Fi Romance

(Available on Amazon, BN, Apple, Kobo, audio)

Lindsey Ferra signed up for Earth’s Singles Program wanting love, marriage and happiness. She found the first two but the third required a bit of work. Fighting aliens, running from aliens and making friends with aliens all seem to be on the agenda for the day. Her only question now is can she find her way back and will happiness be on the schedule this time.

Senate Leaders Baruk Laars and Zadal Gatar planned a marriage for business reasons. Their wife Lindsey gave them something else…love. Can these two work together to correct their mistake and will Lindsey be rescued before it’s too late?


Kyele’s Passion (A World Beyond Book 4)-Sci-Fi Romance

(Available ibooks, Barnes and Nobles, Kobo, Amazon)

Being a Jutak warrior is all Kyele Bastien cares about until one mission changes everything. The Earth female has carved a place in his heart without even trying and now he’ll do anything to make sure nothing ever hurts her again.

Rescued from a Marenian slave auction, Joni Miller is relieved to have her life back but there’s one man making it difficult to remember why she shouldn’t want to think about happy ever after any more.

An enemy’s need for revenge puts Joni in the path of danger and unleashes the fury of an elite soldier with dark abilities.

Rydak’s Fall (A World Beyond Book 5)-Sci-Fi Romance

(Available on Nook ibooks Kobo Amazon print)

Meet the man behind the Jutak warrior.

Rydak knew he’d never have a Chosen. His empathic touch blessed and cursed him with the ability to read and sense the emotions of everyone he came in contact with. Until her. Lissi Alonson, sister to the Unit Leader of the Jutak warriors he respected and a woman he’d be a fool to fall for.

For years, Lissi had a crush on the elite soldier in her brother’s Unit but the proud Jutak ignored her every attempt to get his attention. Then one night changes everything and he’ll defy his personal rules to spend his life with her by his side.

How far will Rydak fall?


Jaron’s Promise (A World Beyond Book 6) – Sci-Fi Romance

(Available on Amazon, BN, Apple, Kobo)

Jaron Aches is the Jutak warrior everyone counts on to keep things light, but what happens when he’s captured by a mad man? Will he succumb to the darkness?

Sasha F’Lan has led a tough life, but it’s what makes her a good Bounty Retriever. Until someone she trusts leads her into a trap. Now she has to put her faith in the stranger trapped in the cage next to her if she hopes to escape.

They trusted each other when they had no one else, then betrayal tore them apart. Can they overcome the lies to accept the love they deserve.

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Love Without Boundaries
Love Without Boundaries (Anthology) Sci-Fi Romance **not available


Mating Urge (Love in The Stars Book 1) Sci-Fi Romance

(Available on Amazon, BNApple and Kobo)

Desperate to escape her stepfather and false criminal charges, Elliana Cage needed a way out fast. It made perfect sense to sneak onboard the first ship departing her home world. When her path crosses with a handsome stranger, she’s in for the surprise of her life.

Aran T’Kar didn’t expect to discover a beautiful woman hiding out on the Zanian IX. Protocol dictates immediate detainment, but Aran can’t resist the urge to take one forbidden taste.

**Intended for mature audience. Contains explicit sex and language.


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Bound by Heat –Sci-fi Romance (Anthology) **not available


Love Like No Other (Love in the Stars Book 2) –Sci-Fi Romance

(Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, ibooks, Kobo, Google Play)

Just lovers. That was the unspoken agreement between them but what they shared wasn’t enough for him anymore. Commander Jaxon Brom wages a war for the heart of the woman he loves. It may prove to be his toughest battle ever but one he doesn’t plan to lose.

Cellimina Manx is a guard for the royal Queen of Zephyl. Her heart belongs to one man but her past keeps her from reaching for what she wants. When a sudden attack throws her closer to her lover, Cellie must decide if risking it all is worth it.

Once Cellie and Jax put the fear behind them, they’ll discover a love like no other.


Rylin's Fire-eBook

Rylin’s Fire (A Novel of the Dracol Book 1) Sci-Fi Romance

(Available at Amazon, Kobo, ibooks, Barnes and Noble)

Rylin thought he’d lost everything when his mate left him to bond with another. Then in a surprising twist of fate he inherited the mantle of leadership. Now Rylin rules the Black Dracol but it’s a lonely life. With hopes of finding another mate, he attends a mating party and finds the fates aren’t done with him yet. An Earth woman captures his heart with one flash of her endearing smile and the open ability to laugh at herself.

Not one single Dracol man had approached Dara Fletcher and the few she made eye contact with rushed away. About to count her time a total lost, Dara stumbles into a handsome Dracol who sweeps her off her feet. Literally.

Relentless Fire (A Novel of the Dracol Book 2) Sci-Fi Romance

(Available at Kobo, ibooks, Amazon and Barnes and Noble)




Three words which best described Varyk, King of the Green Dracol. Events in his life taught him to hold his heart back to avoid the pain of loss. To do so, he used his insufferable attitude as protection and it worked. Until fate came into play.




Inez is a soldier with the Black Dracol who has no problem saying what she means. Love and mating are for the distant future. Until an act of betrayal causes her path to cross an arrogant King.

Suddenly two opposing forces must find a way to work together to ensure the continuation of the hard fought peace between their kind


Wired For Love (Wired Book 1) Sci-Fi Romance

(Available at Kobo, ibooks, Amazon, Barnes and Noble)

Former Jutak warrior Hunter Gils has put his past in the military behind him. His focus now is on his bar and the less than savory clientele. Things are just the way he wants them with the exception of a gray-eyed beauty determined to shake his world even as she refuses his advances.

Narelle Bindu wasn’t immune to the tall, ex-soldier working the bar. The only drawback was that she didn’t have room in her life for a man, not even one as tempting as Hunter.

When a deadly attack creates an opening for an old enemy, the two must work together if they are to survive. An unexpected ally comes in the form of a lost K9. Can Hunter and Narelle stay alive long enough to discover if one night would be enough?



Taste of Wicked cover

Taste of Wicked Paranormal Romance

(available at only)

Drake Winston was dealing with the biggest struggle of his life. At risk of losing the one thing he valued most in the world, he didn’t have time for romantic pursuits. Then he met Antonia Hendricks. His online profile allowed him a chance to show a side of himself he hadn’t shared with another in years. Her smile, her sweetness and her faith in a friendship forged in a chat forum shakes his world.

Drake knows he should be honest. He should leave the curvy sweetheart alone and stay far away. But someone else is interested in his Antonia and Drake will sacrifice anything to see her come through unharmed. Even if it means giving up his magic.

Trial By Flame– Sci Fi/Paranormal Romance (Anthology)**Not Available



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91 responses to “Books

  • Nicole segard

    Just finished “Honor bound” and quite enjoyed Mikayla and Vaan’s tribulations, thank you. I’ll definitely read your other books.
    M.K. Eidem recommended your books on her website and I’m really happy that I followed her advice.

  • Debra Rodriguez

    Your book “Project Genesis” was recommended by M.K. Eidem on her website and because I am looking for new interesting authors I read this book last night. I enjoyed it very much. Will there be a continuation of this book (hope so) as I felt some things were left unanswered. Again, enjoyed this book.

  • michellehowardwrites

    Hi Debra. There will be plenty more for the guys in Alpha Squad, answers to questions and how matters will end with the alien invasion of Earth 🙂 thanks for trying something new.

  • Melissa

    I’ve been eyeing “Honor Bound” for months and finally got around to reading it after seeing the recommendation from M.K. Eidem’s website. I’m glad I followed her advice because I really enjoyed reading it.

    I was wondering if you’ll be writing anymore books for the Warlords (i.e. Kavan and Argan)?

  • Kelsie

    I have really enjoyed all of your books. Will you be writing any more books about the Warlords from “Honor Bound”?

  • Joyce Nichols

    I found “Honor Bound” through my list and read it right away. I love the world you have built and can’t wait for what you have decided to do next.

  • sherry

    Can’t wait for your next book. Loved them all.

  • sherry

    Love your books. Was wondering if you had a release date for the next book.

  • Kim

    Loved No Reason to Run, do you have stories planned for Vic and Striker? Really loved them in the book and hope they both get HEA!

  • michellehowardwrites

    Hi Kim, thanks for the compliment. Vik and Striker are pretty interesting 🙂 I have Brody promised as next because a friend read the book before release and begged. I do have something in mind for Vik and Striker but unfortunately it wont be until 2016 unless I can attach a motor to my wrists. LOL. I have some Warlords on schedule and a new sci-fi series in the pipes for 2015.

  • susan clement

    Just finished A King’s Revenge and loved it. Thank you! Hoping you’ll be writing about a few of those warlords I love so much. I see 2015 should bring us more of their stories. And, a new sci-fi series. More aliens maybe, but I do look forward to hearing more warlord tales!

  • Lili

    I just finished love without Boundaries and was intrigued with Lissi and Rydak. I see Toekel’s chosen is scheduled for 2015, I tried to find Lissi and Rydak’s story but could not….is their story out there? Seemed like it should have been. Love your warlord series..

    • michellehowardwrites

      Hi Lili. There is no story for Rydak and Lissi. It just seemed natural to have them together instead of a team of all single guys. 🙂 Torkel will be available for preorder in January. Thank you for your interest in these new characters

  • Erin

    I have just been introduced to your books and have just read Torkel’s Chosen and Love it, can not for the next book.

  • Bronwyn-lee

    Just finished Torkel’s Chosen – I loved it… I can’t wait for the next installments. Please let there be one for Kyele and Jaron!!

  • michellehowardwrites

    Hi Bronwyn, Can I just say I love your name from one of my favorite historical romances? She was a kick butt heroine 🙂 I’m happy to hear you enjoyed Torkel’s story. More Jutaks are coming with Arak’s story scheduled next. You might be the first to ask for Jaron (who I adore)

  • Deiadre

    I have just finished reading Torkels Chosen in one sitting and I obviously enjoyed myself.

    I was disappointed to find out that Kyele’s story wasn’t next in line. Of all of Torkels team members, Kyele’s character seemed most forward in Torkel and Faye’s story so I just assumed he would be next to find his happily ever after.

    But I assumed you’re saving the best for last … at least I hope so. Kyele will get a story of his own right? Right?

    I will be awaiting eagerly for the next series for AWB (even if it isn’t Kyele’s. Lol.)

    • michellehowardwrites

      Deirdre your message caught me mid-sip of my coffee and I snorted out my nose. Very professional. LOL. I’m sorry Kyele isn’t next but he will get a story. He plays a large part in Arak’s story if that helps. I have plans for that Jutak 🙂

      • Hillary Daniel

        Just stayed up all night memorial day to read one of your books for the first time: Torkel’s story and loved It! I’m disappointed I didn’t find out who the traitor is though! Bought the next in the series. I agree with Deiadre about Kyele as well. Dying to read about the rest of the teams soon okay?:)

      • michellehowardwrites

        I feel like I should apologize for the loss of sleep but I’m glad you liked it enough to stay up Hillary:) Araks Love book 2 will be out soon

  • Sandra Neeley

    Absolutely love Torkel and all his Jutak team. Please write more from this world soon. I’ve read most of your books, thank you for sharing them with us. They are a wonderful retreat. Mating Urge is crave worthy too, will you have more ofAran’s crew members featured in stories in the future? Again, more Jutak warriors, soon! I fear I have become addicted.

    • michellehowardwrites

      Hi Sandra
      First let me say thanks for your addiction 🙂 It’s funny that you mention Aran and the crew. I was thinking of Jax the other day and had to stop immediately as I am knee deep in stories already. LOL. Doesn’t mean I won’t try to sneak another in though my schedule this year is full :/

  • James Summers

    Really liked Project Genesis with Vin and Helen. Your writing keep me enthralled and I finished reading it in one day. Can you tell me when the next book for the Alpha team will be out. Thanks for the great read.

  • Cheryl

    Love all your books and eagerly await new releases. I was wondering if there will be more in the alpha books? Project Genesis left it hanging with aliens on the way to earth but it would be a 6 month journey. Thanking u again for all the fantastic books you’ve written.

    • michellehowardwrites

      Thank you for reading Cheryl. I wanted to get another alpha squad in this year but it’s looking really tight. I won’t make promises but I’ll see what I can do. The problem is that the other series have books started so it’s easier to pull one up and finish. The book started for alpha squad is like 3rd or 4th in terms of timeline meaning I need to do the others first :/ my writing is quirky that way. Random ideas can lead to a side story that distracts me from my goal on others.

  • Emma

    I’ve just finished reading Arak’s and Sylvia’s story. I loved it! So excited for the next books in the series – notice I used plural, wishful thinking ey 😉 I have to say I really enjoyed your style of writing, the first two books of this series were well worth the lack of sleep. Might have to start on the Warlord series to keep me going 🙂

    • michellehowardwrites

      Emma I’ve been known to lose sleep reading a new book too so I’m glad Araks Love and Torkel’s Chosen made your cut 🙂 there will be more books (plural) in this series. LOL. Not sure it would go over well if Kyele didn’t get his book too.

  • Wendy

    Wondering when you will continue the Project Genesis books. I read it in June 2014 right after it came out and really enjoyed it. Vin and his Alpha Team are my kind of guys. Any word on if or when you will continue the series. Love your books. Vaan and Mikayla’s stories are wonderful.

    • michellehowardwrites

      Hey Wendy. Alpha squad are my kinda guys too. I tried to get the sequel out this year and it just didn’t work. BUT I think I can adjust some things in what was originally book 3 and make it a viable sequel. The book is about 1/3 complete and with some fancy footwork might get out summer 2016. Right now I have an idea of releases up thru March so it won’t be before those. 🙂

  • Amy

    Just finished the third ‘World Beyond’ (awesome sauce every time!) and yeah~ what you said in your author’s note at the end: Team Three REALLY needs to come out as soon as Kyele gets his book. I always loved Kyele but when you started sneaking in Team Three (V’hon and Bane) they really look like fun!

    Thanks for all your time and talent, and have a great New Year (writing like a maniac for all of us)!


  • michellehowardwrites

    Thank you Amy. Wishing you a most excellent 2016 🙂 Oh my lovely, handsome, dangerous men on Team Three. I can’t WAIT to go whole hog on them.

  • Jacqui

    Wow finished love like no other and loved it. I love all your books to date only one complaint “they have to end” but then I start waiting for the new ones ….. I’m definitely a fan!! Thank you for sharing your stories with us.

    Now here’s a question Rylin’s Fire is this the start of another amazing series??

  • Jacqui

    LOL that’s fantastic!! Look forward to seeing them …. Between M.K. Eidem, S.E. Smith, Donna Grant, J.A Hornbuckle and a few others I’m getting quite a good fix of dragon shifters 🙂

  • csprouse710

    Just read my first story by you in Rylin’s Fire. I really enjoyed it and I am looking forward to reading more. Thank you for the entertainment.

    • michellehowardwrites

      Awww thanks for letting me know and welcome to my madness. I hope you try others and equally enjoy them 🙂 if you haven’t signed up for my newsletter give it a whirl. I post tidbits of upcoming stories and early cover reveals. Oh and contest lol. I like contest for my subscribers only

  • Amy N Stewart

    Hello Ms Howard!
    Two questions:
    1) How do you pronounce ‘Keyele’s name(Kyle or Kylee? or neither?)
    2)’Mating Urge’ is unavailable on Amazon- will it be available anytime?

    Thanks, and sooo looking forward to more Jutak books!


    • michellehowardwrites

      Hi Amy! Ky-el. Kinda like superman’s real name but not lol. Shoot me an email to michellehowardwrites@gmail. I see Mating Urge available on all amazon vendors so not sure what the hang up could be. Only Love Without Boundaries and Bound By Heat are unavailable for sale 🙂

      • Amy N Stewart

        Dur…the link on your web wasn’t reading right for me….I just went on amazon and snatched it up! Sorry!

        And Ky-el sounds much sexier than how the little voice in my head was pronouncing it….! Lol

      • michellehowardwrites

        Thank goodness. I’ll check my links this weekend too. I think I’m using .com link instead of the “smart” ones which recognize international locations. Adding that to my to-do list among other things 🙂 Glad you like Ky-El. LOL. I try to keep the names manageable to say, especially since I’m venturing into audio.

  • Sue

    Will you be writing anymore warlord stories? I love the Jutak warriors, too. I have been re-reading the warlord series and still would love to read about Kavan finding someone. Thanks for your wonderful writing!

    • michellehowardwrites

      Hi Sue, yes there will be more Warlords. I think, and don’t quote me, that two more books will finish out the series. Kavan and Saran. A 3rd could be in there if I end up with another Vaan/Mikayla book. My goal is for each book to be a full length novel then close that chapter on those characters. 🙂 🙂

  • Toni

    Love the warlord series. I hope they can be audio format very soon!!
    Toni A

    • michellehowardwrites

      Hi Toni, my newest heroine is named Toni in my book Taste of Wicked 🙂 The warlords are coming to audio! Currently Honor Bound is already out and if you own the ebook via amazon you can use whispersync and get the audio for $1.99 Hope to have The Overlord’s Heir and A King’s Revenge out this summer in audio

  • Stacey

    Where is the story of ryder the empathy

    • michellehowardwrites

      Hi Stacey. Rydak’s Fall hasn’t been released yet though I think I shared the cover in my newsletter a couple of months ago. I might have shared an excerpt too but my brain is shorting on the details. I have a few books coming out this year but I have to find time to edit them then send to my editor then schedule release dates appropriately. Thanks for your interest in one of my fave Jutaks on Team 3.

  • Angela Bowen

    I loved Ryan’s Fire and really want to know more about the five dragon babies!!! Please

  • csprouse710

    Yes I was hoping to hear about another book after Rylin’s Fire. Can’t get enough of your vooks. So glad to hear about Rydak’s Fall. So wanted to know how he and Lissi met. I appreciate all your stories so much. Thank you.

  • michellehowardwrites

    I’m sorry for the late reply, Angela. I must have missed this. There will be more books in the Dracol. Definitely 3 more to have stories for each of the Kings 🙂 One of the books will cover the dragon babies birth but it won’t be a full length follow up for Rylin 🙂 It will take place as secondary action

  • Bailey

    Love your world beyond series. It’s so hard to find quality sci fi novels with some substance. It’s definitely one of my favorite series. Just finished Kyele’s story and I’m eagerly waiting for the next. Hopefully some team 3 guys and Jaron’s story. I felt so bad for Kyele’s dad. Just wondering if he’ll ever get a happy ending?

    • michellehowardwrites

      Hi Bailey. Love hearing that readers enjoy my stories. I want to do Team 3 guys too. 🙂 We get to see more of them in Rydaks book. As for Kyeles dad, I do have plans for the general. I just have to see how he ends up before I can talk more about his role.

  • Francis

    i love your books so much
    I Loved Kyele’s Passion do you have a book planned for General Azar “The
    Butcher” Really loved him HES SOOO HOT in the book and I hope he finds love he has to get another Earth girl !! PLEASE!!….

    i am sorry for my english is really bad

  • joanne


    I just found your books on audible and listen to both of the world beyond books. When will book 3 and 4 be available in audio…very soooooon I hope.

    Have a magical day!

    • michellehowardwrites

      Hi Joanna 🙂 book 3, Lindsey’s Rescue is in production. Slight delay due to vacation schedules and I have to listen along for editing. It’s great to hear from audio fans.

      • joannejp

        THanks Michelle. Do you have a release date? Is book 4 also in production. I can’t wait to hear Kyele and Joni’s story. I love the characters and storyline.

        Also, are there other books in the series planned, or is it a 4 book series?

        Blessings, Magic and Miracles!

      • michellehowardwrites

        forgot to add that A World Beyond is not a 4 books series. There are other characters that I know I want to do and old and new plots I want to address 😉

      • michellehowardwrites

        I don’t have a firm date because once it’s finished, edited and uploaded you have to wait for it to pass the production approval process. Then I get surprised like everyone else when it’s up 🙂 Kyele looks like the fall. I currently have my warlords in production for audio so it’s a time consuming process since I’m working on getting my backlist in audio. Once I’m caught up the audios will start to release very close to the Ebooks and print. Hope that helps

  • joannejp

    THanks Michelle

    I look forward to seeing them in audible when they are ready. I may wait to buy them until they are all done as I love to immerse myself in the story and characters instead of long waits in between. Hopefully, that will be soon.


    Blessings, magic and miracles!

  • Tanya

    Hello Michelle I have read your books time and time again, I am currently re-reading Torken’s Chosen for the 4th time and was wondering when the next book is coming out?

    • michellehowardwrites

      Hi Tanya. I’m still amazed and grateful when people say they reread my books 😁 The next A World Beyond in series order will be out in 2017. Rydak’s Fall though by the end this year. I cant release it before my warlord book lol.

  • Tanya

    Thanks Michelle I look forward to reading ANY new books you write, You are an amazing writer and I just want to say thank you for sharing your wonderful worlds with us to enjoy.
    Take care.

  • michellehowardwrites

    Your welcome and thanks for letting me know you enjoy them

  • Sandra Keenan

    Hello Michelle. Just finished No Reason To Run and loved it. I noticed in past comments you said that more from Harmony would be coming in 2016. Can you be more specific on dates and what to expect with these guys? Inquiring minds want to know……

    • michellehowardwrites

      I’m sorry I missed this. I’m not sure when. My whole schedule was thrown off this year due to a personal family loss. I did get a cover done for the sequel to Project Genesis and I have an idea for the cover on the sequel to No Reason to Run. Those are two books of mine that I definitely want to get back to a domain the story line for fans. Harmony will be a trilogy and not sure on Alpha Squad since it has the potential for a lot of the other characters to have their story told. I’ll know more as I end the Warlord series though.

  • Kamelah

    I have become a real fan of your books through audible. The back ground effects really bring the book to life. Is there a way that u can PLEASE release more books of the Warlords series and A World Beyond. I only realized there were more by coming to your site.

    • michellehowardwrites

      Hi Kamelah, I’m glad to hear that audio is drawing in another reader base 🙂 The next Warlord book is being edited now for audio and the next A World Beyond is being produced now. I’ve kept all of my narrators hopping thru the summer and they have been amazing.

  • Janet Edwards

    When can we expect a new book in the Warlord series. I think I read something about a blue lady on the horizon. And you’ve been building up a storyline for Nikol. Will we get a book about him?

  • Tera Jennings

    I know as a writer you sometimes have to end a series and move on but I am so sad to know the Warlords will be ending soon. I love them all! 😢

  • Eleanor Cameron

    OMG Just finished reading Rylin’s Fire. I just have know when the next book is coming out. Iam now a serious collector of your works. Fantastic imagination and creativity. Please keep it up and running. Also pls let us know when the Dracol story continues. Thanks in advance. X

  • Paula Adams

    Hi, just re-read the Warlord series again (for like 4th time) & then I re-read the Project Genesis, again. At the end of genesis it’s the beginning of another book. What happened to that follow up book ? Is it out ? Does Earth ever get help ? LoL, ThankYou for Listening ahead of time . Love Your Books . Can’t wait for the next one, no matter the series it’s in .

    • michellehowardwrites

      My apologies for the delay in a response Paula. Its not out yet. 2016 had hurdles so I didn’t get any of the projects on time with my schedule. Hoping 2017 goes smoother for sure. Trying hard to get Unexpected Bride out for my Warlords then another A World Beyond book.

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