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Welcome 2018

Welcome to the New Year and welcome to me being late :/ I think I was caught up with holidays, family and some fun writing I squeezed in. BUT I’m here now. So update on the holiday blog hop. I have winners 🙂 For Giveaway #1 the prize was (3) audiobook codes for For giveaway #2, the prize was (2) amazon gift cards at $5 each. And for the final giveaway #3, the prize was an autographed copy of Trial by Fire signed by MK Eidem and myself. Thanks so much to all who participated.

*Madonna *Angela *Shannon-Congrats, you’ll be getting an email with your audio code this week.

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Christmas Blog Hop-Giveaway 1

There are 7 days to Christmas!! Can you believe it? I finished shopping and wrapping earlier than I ever have. EVER. LOL. This of course means I’m constantly tempted to keep buying when I walk in a store. Sometimes I win the battle and sometimes…not. So as I’ve done in previous years, I’m celebrating the holiday this week with blog posts and giveaways. Today we’ll launch with something simple and easy. To enter, comment below with your favorite holiday song for the season. I love several and I’m a huge fan of the Grinch cartoon. Recently I downloaded “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” by The Voice contestant Jordan Smith. It such a campy melodic rendition of the song and I sing it at the top of my lungs. LOL. Kids are not impressed 🙂

Today’s prize-audiocodes (3) All of my A World Beyond books are in audio with the exception of Rydak’s Fall. The first 3 Warlords are in audio as well.

**Winners will be selected by random program and notified via comment/email. If winner fails to respond within 5 days of announcement, another will be selected. Announcements will be made 12/29. Be sure to check back to see if you’ve won.

Bad Author

I’m a bad author and haven’t updated my blog in a bit. My apologies. Quick update is that Rydak’s Fall is pretty much finished but I’m going through fixing all the parts from my massive rewrite a while ago then it goes to the editor. I had to take a break from listening to the audio for Rise of the Shadow Warriors audio (Warlords) but I’m back on it. Look for an announcement soon.

Upcoming book conference is Romancing the Capitol (Ottawa Canada) hosted by Eve Langlais. I get to connect with readers and authors I’ve only chatted with online. If you’re from Ottawa or close, the signing is August 5th at the Holiday Inn Kanata from 2p-4p. Come out, I’d love to meet you 🙂

I’ll be without internet soon as we switch providers but the plan is to blog more again and I’ll get a preorder up for Rydak as soon as I have it ready

Kyele’s Passion in #audio

More good news sharing going on. Kyele’s Passion is out in audio. Woot! Took a lot of phone calls and emails due to a snag in the process but he’s available now if you want to hear him. 🙂




Happy hump day to all!


What’s Going on you ask?

Writing! I can confirm I’m almost done Rydak. I know I keep saying that but it’s true. LOL. I had a snafu on Kyele’s audio which delayed it but that’s coming too. I’m hoping to have a preorder link for you on Rydak’s Fall some time next week. My laoptop started sizzling and smoking the other day so I’ve been trying to save photos, files and other important things.

This weekend will be busy putting finishing touches on some things as well as working on two projects I will be able to talk about in a few months. In the meantime, have a little Friday treat 🙂

Edited to add: stupid laptop forgot the clip. Learning curve. ARGH!

“Every touch, every kiss will be with you long after this night. When I touch you the memory will not fade. I won’t let it.”

He breathed out a choked snarl. “You think we can be together?”

She refused to let him intimidate her. “Yes. And I have enough faith for both of us”

Silence reined neither saying anything more. Lissi knew the moment she won and her heart almost burst free form her chest when he next spoke.

“You’ve chased and chased, Lissi Alonson. Now that you have caught me, what are you going to do?”

The look he directed her way made Lissi’s knees trembled. Her fingers twitched with the desire to touch the flowing blond hair about his shoulders but she held on to her composure.

“I’m going to keep you, Rydak.”

Coming soon


Meet the man behind the Jutak warrior.

 Rydak knew he’d never have a Chosen. His empathic touch blessed and cursed him with the ability to read and sense the emotions of everyone he came in contact with. Until her. Lissi Alonson, sister to the Unit Leader of the Jutak warriors he respected and a woman he’d be a fool to fall for.

 For years, Lissi had a crush on the elite soldier in her brother’s Unit but the proud Jutak ignored her every attempt to get his attention. Then one night changes everything and he’ll defy his personal rules to spend his life with her by his side.

 How far will Rydak fall?