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Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

Yearly updates and Audiobooks


So we’re about to end the year of 2021 and I tried to review my year as an author. I did manage 5 releases much to my surprise because writings been slow. I launched two new series and released some audio.

As Darkness Spreads-The Vassi Contact 1
As Dawn Rises- The Vassi Contact 2
His Cold Kiss-Cyborg Redemption 1
Her Cold Heart-Cyborg Redemption 2
His Unexpected Mate-Assassins Guild 3 (final in trilogy)

Rise of the Shadow Warriors- narrated by Tristan and Sarah Grace Wright (who also did The Overlord’s Heir and A King’s Revenge) audible amazon (apple link coming soon)

I also did a test with googleplay’s new audio feature which is exclusive to their store and would love to hear feedback from anyone who tries it.

Rylin’s Fire google play
Relentless Fire google play
Frost Fire google play