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Throwback-Lindsey’s Rescue


What a blast from the past for this week’s throwback. Lindsey’s Rescue (book 3 in A World Beyond) is my first and only menage romance book. (so far lol) I was so challenged writing this because I’d only done male/female pairings and Lindsey was a side character meant to vanish after meeting Faye from Torkel’s Chosen. Boy, was I wrong. LOL. She ended up being such a pivotal character and her story arc was important to the series as a whole because everything is coming to a head, pieces are falling into place and the team is growing stronger through it all. Plus, I fell in love with her Senator husbands Barak and Zadal.

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2 thoughts on “Throwback-Lindsey’s Rescue”

  1. NatalieNatalie

    I read Torkel Chosen and fell in love with the series. However, Lindsey’s Rescue became my favorite, I loved her relationship ship with all the characters especially Smiki and her ducks.

    August 6, 2022

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