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Print and more Print

I’ve got Jaron’s Promise and Rydak’s Fall in print at last. I was surprised to see Jaron’s paperback up for sale before the ebook release. Only 5 days to go.

Rydak’s Fall print

Jaron’s Promise amazon print

In other news, I’ve started a group on Facebook to hangout for those who like knowing any extra details about my books and of course to chat, spoilers and character questions. Click the link for my hang out to get there and visit. I’d love to see you. Michelle Howard’s Hangout


Tis the season-Print books

All of my print books have been discounted. Know a reader who loves print? Gift them a book or stuff their stocking with an exciting Warlord or one of my sexy World Beyond soldiers.


Relentless Fire-Coming Soon

For those who have been waiting for the sequel to Rylin’s Fire my dragon romance, its almost here. That’s right, MK Eidem and I have teamed up again to bring readers the sequels to our dragon stories. Trial By Flame is available on all retailers and releases 11/22. In the US that’s our Thanksgiving holiday so plenty of time to get in some relaxing reading time. It’s also available now in print for those who love a book in your hand. Below is a snippet from my story in the Trial By Flame duet.

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Three words which best described Varyk, King of the Green Dracol. Events in his life taught him to hold his heart back to avoid the pain of loss. To do so, he used his insufferable attitude as protection and it worked. Until fate came into play.




Inez is a soldier with the Black Dracol who has no problem saying what she means. Love and mating are for the distant future. Until an act of betrayal causes her path to cross an arrogant King.

 Suddenly two opposing forces must find a way to work together to ensure the continuation of the hard fought peace between their kind.


Rylin must have hovered on the cusp of her mind, waiting. Cascading emotions slammed into her. Inez tried to convey her thoughts on the situation and sharp colors of black, silver and hints of purple pounded at her as his rage sought a target.

The desire to hunt Larz down and eat his beating heart before crushing his skull between brutal claws was a clear image in Inez’s mind. She flinched. Urgency followed the blood thirsty representation and a warning.

The shells were close to hatching. They would heat and blaze with the fire of the Black Dracol before cracking to release the new babies soon.

“The babies will be born soon,” she said in aside to Varyk.

Shadows reflected in his gold touched orbs. “First light, Inez. You have my vow.”

Reluctant, Inez agreed. There really wasn’t a choice. She pushed the need for trust along the connection. Reluctance and hesitation slid around her conscious before she sensed Rylin pull away and blinked. “Looks like I’m staying.”

An abrupt nod followed. With measured steps, Varyk walked toward her, only stopping when bare inches separated them. He cupped her jaw, tilting her face up to stare into her eyes. “Rest. Tomorrow I’ll be fully recovered.”

Inez quirked her brow, some of her humor and balance returning. “Does this make us partners?”

His smile chilled. “No.”

Reading Dogs

Whenever I do an anthology with other authors I love to highlight a little about them and give you some peeks into their story. Today I get to share a bit from one of my co-authors from Embrace the Romance, an anthology that highlights pets of all likes. Below is the awesome Susan Grant as she shares a bit about Star Puppy, her contribution to this upcoming release.

Reading Dogs by Susan Grant

I can’t wait for you to meet Trysh, Rornn, Puppy, and the crew of Bezos Station, a city-sized space station in orbit above the planet of Barésh. Some of you may recognize these places—and even a few of the characters—from Star Champion (previously titled The Champion of Barésh) and Star Hero (expanded from the short story “Stray” from Pets in Space 1).

In my story, The Prince, the Pilot, and the Puppy. (Star Puppy), Puppy is a canine type of animal, a “yipwag” in the local dialect. They’re extremely smart. Like Earth dogs, yipwags are experts in predicting human behavior. Do you ever feel as if your dog can read minds? I know I do. It’s because they’ve made themselves experts in YOU. I often catch my border collie, Skye, watching me.

Skye is gathering information, storing it away to better predict my behavior. For example, it’s no surprise that when I get ready to leave the house, she already knows if she’s going to be coming with me or staying home. Hints can be gleaned from things as subtle as me not making as much eye contact (she’s not coming along). We humans are hardly aware of such faint signs, but dogs see our intentions like billboards!

In Star Puppy, Puppy is learning to read a lot more than human emotions and behavior. She’s learning to READ. It may not be as much of an evolutionary leap as we think. In the U.K. there’s a dog named Fernie who has learned to read signs. When this amazingly smart lab is shown the word “Sit” she will sit. Google her. It’s so interesting!

Please enjoy this short excerpt where Puppy is reading and wonders what her humans will think of that when they find out:

They stopped at the base of a ladder, where Her Trysh placed Puppy in Her Rornn’s arms for the climb up to the “observation cone”. It was Her Rornn’s favorite place on the station outside of Her Trysh’s bed.

Restricted Area, a sign said. Unknown to the Tall Ones, Puppy could already interpret the meaning of many of the symbols posted around the station. Bang-Bang might know more verbal commands than she did, but soon Puppy would be able to read. She couldn’t wait for the day the Tall ones figured it out.

She had learned a lot from watching her Tall Ones. For instance, Her Trysh was more likely to balk at ignoring signs such as Authorized Personnel Only than Her Rornn was: “I hope this doesn’t get us in hot water with the squad commander,” Her Trysh said.

My Rornn murmured in her ear. “I dream of a good long soak in hot water. But the face I see with me is not Colonel Amanpour. It’s you.”

Amazon: https://buff.ly/2xa41Kb | BN: https://buff.ly/2xabZTy | Kobo: https://buff.ly/2x9CMzc | iBooks: https://buff.ly/2xajI3R

About Susan:

When NY Times/USA Today bestselling author and Air Force veteran Susan Grant isn’t driving an 18-wheeler (a 747 jumbo jet) she loves writing romantic, action-packed stories featuring gutsy woman and honorable men. Flying to exotic places and trying every kind of food imaginable helps Susan bring her sci-fi worlds alive for readers. She is a winner of the prestigious RITA award for her book Contact, an alien abduction sci-fi romance.

Website: http://www.susangrant.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Author.Susan.Grant/
FB Handle: @Author.Susan.Grant
Twitter: https://twitter.com/flyerdreamer
Twitter Handle: @flyerdreamer
Amazon Author Page: https://www.amazon.com/Susan-Grant/e/B001IQWODQ/

Find out what happens next in Embrace the Romance, Pets in Space 2! http://www.petsinspaceantho.com/pets-space-2-embrace-romance-2/


Author at Work

ok so I’m going to shut my office door and focus on finishing my current warlord book about Vaans brother Saran. This means I might be slow returning comments, I might not update my blog and other than some automation I’m probably not gonna be present on FB or Twitter. Hopefully when you hear from me next it will include dates and a cover for the book 🙂

In terms of audio updates, I am in the process of editing the audio for Warlords 3, A Kings Revenge.

I’m also going to squeeze in lots of hugs with the hubby and my kids. We all need to make time for hugs.

Stay well