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Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

Throwback-Wicked Lover


I’m talking about Wicked Lover for my throwback this week. This book has an odd history. If you’ve been a long time reader/fan you know its background. Amazon BN Kobo Apple Books Google Play Print

Wicked Lover by Michelle Howard

For new readers, I’ll give a quick highlight. WL started as a Kindle World book under awesome sci fi romance author, SE Smith. Kindle Worlds was an amazon program where you got to set a story in another author’s world. The title was originally Taste of Wicked. Had a different cover and everything. LOL.

Anyway, amazon cut the strings on the program. SE Smith and many others created their own world and offered to keep the books under their “umbrella per se” or rewrite the book without their story background/characters inserted. I chose to rewrite.

Wicked Lover got a heavy edit on certain parts while the main story itself stayed the same. I took another WIP (Djinn Lover) at the time and integrated elements to create a series. Thus the Magical Lovers was born. The books are more paranormal than sci fi featuring, shifters, wizards and djinn all based on Earth. I like it because I get to be a little more light hearted in the story telling than I am in my sci fi stuff. (less explosions, same love and sexy times lol)


Drake Winston was dealing with the biggest struggle of his life. At risk of losing the one thing he valued most in the world, he didn’t have time for romantic pursuits. Then he met Antonia Hendricks. His online profile allowed him a chance to show a side of himself he hadn’t shared with another in years. Her smile, her sweetness and her faith in a friendship forged in a chat forum shakes his world.

Drake knows he should be honest. He should leave the curvy sweetheart alone and stay far away. But someone else is interested in his Antonia and Drake will sacrifice anything to see her come through unharmed. Even if it means giving up his magic.