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Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

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Rook spun her around and pushed her back against a wall. His claws slammed into the wall, pinning her in. Lifting her head, she met his gaze in defiance. “You shot me!”

Her nano suit had absorbed the blast of laser fire but she’d have a bruise to show for it on her shoulder. His gaze immediately dropped and Rook scanned her from head to toe. His lips firmed. “You have on a nano suit.”

“And you still shot me.” She refused to let that go.

Remorse darkened his gaze and he gripped her arms. “Are you hurt?”

Seraphina considered lying but didn’t. “No, it’s only sore.”

His nostrils flared. One hand reached up and pressed the exact area of her right shoulder. She winced and tried to shrug his touch off but he continued his check. “There’s no damage. Integrity held.”

She didn’t need him to inform her of that and glared. “Luckily.”