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Throwback for the week


Happy Friday everyone! Hope you had a decent week. We had house work done here. Again. Very loud and the animals were not pleased at all about the ruckus. Things are settled. For now. LOL.

Anyway, I went with book 3 in my dragon shifter series for the throwback. Frost Fire is probably one of my faves. I love that the hero is battling an alien version of insanity due to…reasons 🙂 But there is not a moment throughout where you don’t know Faris loves his other half with everything in him.

I had to cut this to keep it from being super long for the post but I love this scene so much among many others.

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“I understand your anger,” he murmured, standing tall and accepting whatever decision she decreed.

How noble. Rena curled her fingers tight and spun away. She chuckled bitterly as the emotions flailing inside took a dark twist. “What do you know of my anger? Everything, every decision was yours! I had no part, no way to plead my side. You wanted us over and we were. You went on with your merry life while I suffered.”

“Suffered!” He roared loud enough to cause Rena to jerk back around to face him. His gaze blazed with hot fury. “You know nothing of my pain.”

“You told me not to wait for you. To find another.” She’d tried because he’d pushed her away over and over.

“Five years.” Rena’s heart stuttered, but Faris continued. “It took you five years to follow through on my words. Six males. Six males in total who took my place and had what belonged to me.

“Until I learned to separate that aspect of the mantle, I endured your climaxes and pleasure with other males and fought the urge to kill them every time their paths crossed mine.” Faris closed the gap between them and lifted her jaw with a delicate touch at odds with the low rumble of his next words. “Don’t ever say I haven’t suffered.”