Grapes, Cheese and Wine

MH wineSo I went with some friends to a wine tasting. Nothing too fancy. Just a small local winery offering a sampling of the wines made at their vineyard. I’m not a huge wine fan because I have migraines and wine sets them off even more. However, I had a really good time and sampled some truly delightful wines. One of the owners of the vineyard (husband and wife team) explained the different wines and the subtleties that I would never have noticed. There were different cheeses and bread to enhance the flavor of each selection

I’ve always known that when I did drink wine in my youth, I preferred white and preferred sweet. While at the wine tasting I discovered an awesome sweet white named Monkton Delight. It was so good I bought two bottles with the excuse I’ll share them with family at the holidays so they can enjoy them as well. After the tasting we toured the vineyard and I got the most amazing picture of this bunch of grapes just ripe for the picking. When my friends and I mentioned this, we were told that in a few weeks volunteers were allowed to come out and help pick the grapes and the whole wine making process would be explained in more detail.

Needless to say we all signed our names up. Now it’s back to the writing cave .


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