Back to School


Can’t believe it’s that time already. I’ve gotten the kids supplies together, new clothes and shoes since they are in the growth phase and all the goodies for their packed lunches. Honestly, I feel like their return to school is a return for me as well and I’m not excited at all. The thrill of waking up cranky kids in the early morning hours wore off a long time ago. The rush of chasing everyone out the door and grabbing lunches fills me with tension. LOL.

Then there’s the other part of me that’s glad they will have something to actively occupy the day with. Lazing in the summer has made them sleepy heads and leaves me with constant complaints of boredom when I walk in the door from work. School surrounds them with their friends and if truth were told it makes them tired and I’m excited about that part. Anyone else dreading and loving the return to school?


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