WeWriWa-Take Two

#WeWriWa- Take Two

Last week was my first Weekend Warrior Writing challenge. I had such fun and enjoyed all the questions and comments about my snippet. Now it’s that time again so enjoy. If you like what you see or are curious, check out what the others are doing for their snippets at www.wewriwa.com. Below I’ve got another teasing 8.

Dane’s head snapped up.  His cousin’s voice caused the she-wolf’s growl to increase like a freight train with no brakes.  Her eyes flicked over his shoulders, her body going taut.  Don’t do it.  “Easy, sweetheart.”  He kept his voice soft and crooning; hoping against hope that she wouldn’t make a move for his cousin. Tranqued by humans or taken down by a wolf in his human skin. Neither would be a pleasant option for her.


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