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Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

Friday Favorites: Kindle Surprises


I just noticed that I haven’t had a favorite Friday in a few weeks. Since I always have time to read, I decided to go with some new stuff that I fell in love with on my Kindle recently. I went for the trifecta.

Keeping Her by Kelly Lucille
Don’t think that because there isn’t a couple on the front or a hot naked man that this romance can’t deliver. Clytie (named from Greek mythology) starts the opening of the book on a great note when she compliments the hero’s tattoo. Demon, a wolf shifter does her one better and responds with “nice tits.” Now while this might seem crass in any other context, Lucille makes it work and Demon REALLY makes it work. The banter between the two has sexy overtones that had me smiling. From there the story escalates and a one night stand turns into so much more.

Demon lives in a large mansion/compound with two other friends who play an exceptional role as secondary characters who provide comic relief and balance out Demon’s often stoic personality. The author manages to keep the action through out and leaves readers salivating for Ben and Mac’s story to see if rumors of the two sharing their women are correct.

Craving Constellations by Nicole Jacquelyn
I’ve made no secret of my new found addiction to biker romance. I blame Tack from Motorcycle Man but I digress. CC is a new novel by Ms. Jacquelyn featuring a lieutenant from the Ace motorcycle club. Brenna is on the run from an abusive husband and she can think of only one place to go- The biker club that was her family, the biker club she’d abandoned in college and the biker club where she’d left behind the man of her dreams. This book rides the fine edge of gritty biker life and the softer tones of romance. A perfect combination for someone like me who loves an HEA.

Dragon can’t believe that Brenna has returned as if five years hadn’t gone by. She left with no word, no note and no goodbye. Now she brings trouble to the gates of the MC that means everything to him. Be warned, Dragon is a biker hero but Brenna gets the life and is just right for him. Both characters really had so much about them to create emotions on both sides. I understood where Dragon was coming from even when he annoyed me yet I understood why Brenna left as well. Wanted to shake my fist at both of them at times. Loved it!!!

Reckless by Skye Jordan
In Reckless by Skye Jordan she hit on my weakness. Romance that begins with flirty text, email or letters. While testing out a new app for a friend, Lexi hacks a sexy stranger’s phone and begins to naughty text. Jax is a former Hollywood star and initially thinks his friends are pranking him. When the texter starts to flirt and dodge his curious questions, he’s reluctantly turned on. OMG, turn up the heat level. Not to reveal too much and super mild spoiler, there’s a scene where Jax removes his jacket and flexes his body to show off for Lexi that had my kindle steaming in my hand. I love the way these two reached beyond their personal hang-ups and allowed themselves a HOT night together. It was unexpected, unplanned and Jordan makes it look seamless. I was thrilled when I finished and made a mental note to watch for more stuff.