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Hey All,

Can’t believe I didn’t post anything last week. I think the home life took over. It wasn’t a successful writing week on my latest WIP either. Lots of research and I think I only managed 200-500 words a night. On a good note, I think this week will be better. For one thing, my #Broncos won last night!!! Woohoo!! Are you sensing my excitement?

Also, now that I’ve done some searching and reading on the net, I can move forward with delving into my hero’s background in the military. Author Marcia Kuma had a great blog on that basically says writing isn’t just about what you know but all the reading you can do on your subject matter. (I’m paraphrasing.) It was so insightful and after reading it, I knew what I had to do. So I began digging around for any information I could find to make my story that much more real because I’ve never been in the military and have no close relatives as viable sources. If you get the chance, check out the blog.

Lastly, I hope everyone stops by tomorrow as I’ll be doing an author spotlight on Lori Beth Lake and her latest novel. Enjoy the day 🙂


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