Happy Wewriwa everyone,
Another exciting opportunity to visit and read 8 sentences by creative authors. http://www.wewriwa.com allows everyone to tease and amuse with snippets from their WIP’s or a current release. Below are my 8 sentences from my paranormal work in progress. I think this will be my last visit with Dane and Callie. Next week I’ll switch up to something else I’m working on. In this scene, Dane challenges Callie to make the next move since one of them dropped the ball a year ago. Enjoy

Dane bit back his smile. He could have held her. She spun on her heels and walked backward toward the truck, her smirk a sassy reminder the whole way. Adorable. Of course, he’d never tell her that. “I’m sure you can get my number again. Call me, sweetheart. If you don’t, I’ll take it as a firm no and we’ll have our answer once and for all.”


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