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Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Author

Wednesday Winners


I have the pleasure of participating in Friday Fiction so I’ve replaced my Friday Favorites Blog with Wednesday Winners.  Same concept applies. I’ll mention my latest kindle discoveries that I think readers will like. Some are recommended to me but some are random selections that I pick because the covers or the blurbs are smoking hot.

I’ve got a stockpile of goodies that I’ve read on my kindle since I haven’t done the Friday Favorites in a while. In the spirit of fairness, I’ll only list a couple with a brief highlight and try to catch up each week.

Scent of Salvation by Annie Nicholas – Great werewolf story that takes place on an alternate more primal version of Earth. The heroine (Susan) is a scientist that jumps through a portal to keep her work from falling into government hands and being used for “evil”. The hero is an Alpha of a pack that is slowly dying from an unknown illness. He believes she has been sent to save his pack.

I love the unique spin Nicholas put on her wolves and the culture she creates within pack life. Its definitely a harsher world and the weak do not fair well. ITs her good fortune that Sorin’s instinct to protect her comes in to play.

Having Nathan’s Baby by Fran Louise – Familiar theme of best friends that accidently are about to become parents. Nathan manages a band and Chloe is an up and coming lawyer about to make partner in her firm. Written in first person I really was able to sympathize with the situation Chloe found herself in. Realistic worries about her job and single parenthood while sharing the child with a father that traveled all over the world. This had a sweet, romantic vibe to me and I loved how you can tell Nathan tried to adjust to this news and be positive in the face of being a daddy suddenly.