Flash Fiction Friday-3

Welcome back to another week of FFF. Writers are given a picture and the challenge of writing a snippet in 100 words, no more no less. I found this weeks photo fitting considering the season. I’m a shifter girl at heart but I decided to experiment with my first vampire attempt. Show the others some love and visit www.flashfictionfriday.com for their wonderful addition on this picture. Below Rana and Kale study the human they have tortured with their vampire games.


The Sin Eaters

“What do you think, my love? Should we spare him?”

Rana hesitated, unsure for the first time.

Kale glanced down, “You have no response?”

She bit her bottom lip revealing the lovely fangs that never ceased to arouse him.

“I think…I think he amuses us.”

Kale considered her words. The human had been entertaining in his pleas for mercy. 

“If you desire, we’ll delay his death.” Kale leaned down placing a brief kiss on her forehead before striding from the room.

 Rana’s gaze returned to the chained man huddled on their floor. Hunger warred with her arousal.


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