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Nano’s coming! Are you ready? Are you participating? I’m on the fence and only have days to decide. Nano is a national writing contest where those that are interested can take up the challenge gauntlet. The purpose- a completed 50k word novel/novella. The reward-personal satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. Nano starts with a kick off this Friday on November 1st and you have until November 30th midnight to finish. The lovely super charged Nano Queen and author Lynn Viehl offered this great photo for Nano.

My current WIP is already 40k for wc. My goal is to finish it up before the end of the year and yet the idea and the thrill of doing something for Nano is hard to resist. Part of me thinks its too much to work another project in the schedule and the other party of me is like an athlete on the sidelines yelling, “Put me in coach!!” At any rate I’ll know by friday if I’m diving in the deep end of the pool or cheering from the bleachers. Wish me luck 🙂

P.S.- There are tons of helpful links that are already up and flying with plenty more to come. I’ll search and post a few before Friday.     


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