#8sunday WeWriWa

Welcome back for another week of 8 sentences submitted by authors from their current work or works-in-progress. If you’re interested in checking others, visit www.wewriwa.com. This week I’m once again visiting my current work in progress with Shane and Olivia.

 “Listen, lady. You wanna go somewhere, tell me now and I can drop you off before one of us gets hurt.”

Her sharp inhale rasped against his neck. She sat close enough for him to feel her every breath. Another fragrance joined the aroma of his lemon scented car freshener. Vanilla, his mind identified. He heard her scramble around and the pressure at his neck disappeared. A quick check in the rearview mirror showed an enticing curve of hip and a heart-shaped ass.

I got creative so as not to spoil the story too much and omitted some sentences. This doesn’t completely follow the sequence of the scene.


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