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Flash Fiction Friday-4


flash fiction friday 4

Warrior’s Return

Decided to return to my two favorite imaginary characters Keira and Gabe. Below, Gabe has just returned from a tougher than usual overseas mission. Please visit my fellow flashers at www.flashfictionfriday.com Enjoy.

Gabe wished the filth in his mind erased as easily as the dirt from his body. This last mission left scars on his soul and he rejoiced at being home. Placing his head under the hot spray to relax further, he tensed when the shower door opened.

 “You okay, babe?”

 Keira. The reason he believed in himself when life seemed against him. Thank fuck, she forgave him for his callous words last week. Gabe never liked leaving on an op with distance between them.

 He opened his arms, relieved when she stepped in. “Love me?”


Gabe held on tight.



4 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday-4”

  1. pablomichaelspablomichaels

    Gabe was obviously moved in a bad direction on his last trip away. It’s good he has her to ease that pain. The emotions you wrote are real and moved my interest to empathize with him.

  2. Muffy WilsonMuffy Wilson

    Well done. We should always be the haven of love and peace to whom our loved ones turn. Very sweet. 🙂 xo

  3. S.J. MayleeS.J. Maylee

    Aw! I love it. It left with a smile on my face. Fab flash.

  4. NaomiNaomi

    Sometimes reassurance is needed. Love it

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