Week 2 Nano Update




Hello Nano-ers. Boy am I behind. Its the half way mark and I’m clocking in around 11k. I haven’t given up hope though. I’m pushing forward and giving it the old college try. How are you at this point? Are you cursing your main characters? Do you think your plot was a bad idea for Nano, forcing you to drag your feet to the computer to hit your goals? I hear you but I did a quick re-read of what I have and while rough I’m pretty pleased. I know you’re not supposed to do any edits yet but I brushed up on a couple of points and it has re-energized me. I think what I’ve managed in such a short time and under the old pantser philosophy is pretty darn good and I’m pride of where I’m at so far. Even if I’m looking at others soar past me 🙂

I’m comparing it to a marathon. As long as I cross the finish line, I’ll be proud of what I accomplished. No room for disappointment so don’t get discouraged. Keep plucking away. 100 words is better than no words and make time to reward yourself. Good luck


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