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#Nano week 1

So we have reached day 7 of #nanowrimo. I’m a bit behind but not too much so as of yesterday morning I was at 7565. I’m rolling along though I had a busy Friday and Saturday. Woke yesterday morning coughing, sniffling and sneezing but I’m hoping for 2k today. I’m off to a writers nano meet up tonight so that should help. Keep going everyone. Put something on paper.




It’s that time of year again. What time you ask? It’s nano!!! Yep, the crazy month where some writers drive themselves crazy trying to write a novel in one month. Its stressful, fun and an all out good time. (for me) I get to bond with people who might not necessarily be authors but enjoy the spirit of writing in companionship with others. Now, nano started yesterday, November 1 but a freaking migraine of all things sidelined me and I missed launch. But don’t worry. I’m diving in today. I know I mentioned doing a book for the Demon Queen from Love Like No Other but when I opened my laptop, I started writing something else. Something spicy. I should probably stop while I’m ahead and write something that’s more in my zone. But I’m a bit of a rebel so wish me luck.

Getting There #nanowrimo

Sometimes its the little things that keep you going 🙂


Not Long Now…nano

Nano has once again revived me and reminded me why I love and hate it. LOL


I’ve gotten a lot of writing done on my current book and the next book. Without the energy and motivation of my nano peers I’m not sure that would have been possible. This is my 4th nano and the first time I learned about write-ins. I’ve attended a write in every week and it was so nice to be around writerly folks 🙂 Its down to the wire now and nano ends November 30. I hope to have a new release coming your way soon. For those who missed it, below is the blurb and cover for my upcoming Warlord Series, Unexpected Bride



Saran was a Warlord who was used to having what he wanted, when he wanted, and how he wanted. He was strong, capable and feared.

Then an event changed his world forever. Now all he has left is fear and the woman that he gave little notice to before.

He’ll discover that just as strength comes in many different forms so does love and sometimes it takes the heart of a Warlord to recognize his unexpected bride.

#nano update

One week of nano under my belt and I’m getting words down. Well until today when I froze on a scene. I’ve decided to think on it and let the story bubble before jumping back on. At least I’ve hit the 20k mark so far.

Hope everyone has a great hump day.