Flash Fiction Friday-5

So Nano had me buried way deep in the writing cave. BUT I’m back. My poor blog looks like no one lives her. 🙂 I finished nano with 46k. Not a win by contest rules but a win in my book none the less.

Now onward to the awesomeness that is FFF. A great group of writers get a picture and a few days to compose a short story in 100 words or less. Very challenging. Below is my offering. A Birthday Gift



“Not one word,” her husband snapped.

Keira bit back a smile and climbed in beside Gabe. “You do look hot though.” She snuggled close to his bare chest.

 “If it wasn’t your birthday…”

 “I know,” Keira interrupted, placing his cup behind him. “Thank you for the picture.”

 He pushed the Stetson back and narrowed his eyes. “If you show my men…”

 She placed her thumb over his lip and caressed the plump flesh. “I know,” she repeated then slid onto his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck. “How about I show my thanks instead?”

 Gabe relaxed. “Happy Birthday.”



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