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Christmas Blog Hop


Where does the time go? In just two weeks Christmas will be here. The holidays are in full gear and I’m chasing myself to stay on top of everything. Shopping moved from 80% done to 90%. A few odds and ends this weekend should finish things.

In honor of the holiday, some friends and I are playing with a Christmas Blog Hop. Starting tomorrow we’ll post a range of goodies for the next 12 days until the big day. There will be excerpts from new or upcoming releases, recipes and maybe a giveaway or two. Feel free to join us with comments and some of your fun traditions during this time 🙂   Click the link below to see what everyone’s doing starting December 12th.


1 thought on “Christmas Blog Hop”

  1. Worktop GalWorktop Gal

    Glad your Christmas shopping is going so well! Wish I could say the same. Great post!

    December 18, 2013

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