12 Days Before Christmas


It was so hard finding something to write about. I had a million ideas but found it difficult to settle on one. Finally, I decided to talk about holiday traditions. We all have them. Sometimes they’re small or sometimes elaborate and on a grand scale. For many, traditions are often passed down through the family and it’s wonderful to see and hear about those memories. For others, it’s something special that you started brand new with someone special.

Today, I share a tradition that we have in our family. Every year since my husband and I celebrated our first Christmas together, we added an ornament to the tree. When the kids were little we included the ornaments they wanted to add. Usually, it was something made in school. LOL.

The one that has lasted almost ten years and is a little worse for wear is this little tree made from a toilet paper roll. My oldest made it in pre-kindergarten and it’s the first “kid” ornament we added. Every year I worry that it won’t make it but time after time the little tree makes it to the ornament box safe and sound to await another Christmas. What are some of the things you do in your family? I’d love to hear about them.

I also included a link of the authors who are sharing in the Christmas Hop over the next 12 Days before Christmas






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