12 Days Before Christmas-9 Days to go


This is one of the last two weekends to get your shopping blitz in for the holiday season. I’ve wrapped all of my purchases, the tree is up (minus the trimming) and music is playing. We’ll hopefully take care of the tree this evening. In honor of the holiday spirit I’m tipping my hat to my Friday Flashers and doing a holiday flash. This means I can only use 100 words based on the picture and I’ll give it a holiday theme.

The Holiday

Kristy took a step back and eyed the placement of the last ornament. Perfect. Everything looked perfect.

Hands gripped her hips tight and pulled her back against a firm frame. “You started without me.”

Kristy relaxed and tipped her head up to smile. Fresh from the shower, Alex’s hair curled around the edges giving his rough features a youthful cast. “I thought we could…” She let the sentence trail off.

Warm lips trailed along her throat accompanied by a low hum. “I like the way you think.” His hands curved upward and palmed her breasts. Kristy moaned deeply.



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