12 Days before Christmas Blog Hop

10 days to go. The countdown continues and I’m having a blast reading all the great things my fellow author friends have shared. For today’s post I’m going with 5 Things Your Loved Ones Should Not get you for Christmas. LOL

1. Any household appliance (Even if you really, really want and need it)

2. Things that grow (now this probably only applies to me since I don’t have a green thumb or pinkie for that matter)

3.Crafts (unless a person has expressed or demonstrated skill in this area)

4.Romance books (Yes, I know. You think it’s the perfect gift because of all the time spent reading BUT a lot of time is spent reading 🙂 . So odds of getting me something I haven’t read because I scour release dates on fictfact are slim to none.)

5.Money (It sounds like the perfect gift and sometimes at the right time…it is. But usually when I get money I’m sad afterwards and long for a vacuum or do it yourself pot- holder- maker- thingy.)

Please check out what everyone else is doing today






3 responses to “12 Days before Christmas Blog Hop

  • J.A.

    This had me laughing out loud! The number one item on the list is something I always make sure to bring up to whomever I’m dating around the holidays. But, your suggestion is nicer than mine. I think I tend to blurt out…”Nothing with a plug!” Which as made for more than a couple of startled looks and some really interesting gifts!
    Well done, Michelle!

  • Jacy Oliver

    What no romance novels…*sigh* you are probably right! Dang it all. Very nice. I loved your post.

  • Emma Jean hoffmann

    Yes, household appliance equals immediate and complete expulsion out of my life. Spot on Michelle.

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