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12 Days Before Christmas-4 days to go




Santa’s coming. That was my son’s shout last night when he heard the fire truck sirens last night. Every year about a week before Christmas the Fire Station down the street from our house come through the neighborhood with Santa on top of the truck or on a sleigh and it fascinates my kids to no end. The picture’s not the best quality because I jumped from bed to snap it when my son started yelling. LOL. If you look close Santa’s waving behind him.

It seems like such a little thing but all the neighbors come out and stand on their porch to wave. I’m glad the community we live in still does this for children. My family was here one year and it tickled everyone silly.

1 thought on “12 Days Before Christmas-4 days to go”

  1. jahornbucklejahornbuckle

    That is the coolest thing I’ve ever heard! My kids would’ve wet themselves over something like that when they were little!

    December 20, 2013

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