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The last week has been a real whirlwind. It started Sunday with the release of my first book No Reason to Run, my son’s birthday on Monday and obviously the craziness of the holiday on Tuesday and Wednesday. Today is the first day I’ve been able to really log back on and work on what’s next. Tell us more you ask. Why certainly :)LOL. My next book is tentatively scheduled for mid-February. It’s the sci-fi project I worked on for Nano. I’ve cleaned it up, filled in my gaps from the hectic pace of writing for 30 straight days and will now begin the task of having it edited. I also get to start my favorite part and plan the cover.

Honor Bound is the story of a Raasa female on a quest to save her people. With nothing but hope on Mikayla’s side, she makes a bargain with the barbarian warriors from Kaban. Below, I’ve included a small snippet from my upcoming novel Honor Bound. Please feel free to comment.

Another sharp nod was all she managed. He cursed and moved too fast for her to anticipate. The War Lord had Miki in his hold, an arm clamped around her waist and raised his dagger to her throat. “I owe you thanks for my life but if you lie, I will slay you where you stand, Raasa.”

 Fear danced through her. With a shaky breath, she spit out, “Mikayla S’Apul. My name is Mikayla S’Apul.” She wouldn’t accept the continued insult of referring to her by her race. If he killed her, he would know her name.

 He eased his hold marginally and Miki breathed deep. His masculine scent filled her nostrils but did not stop the racing of her pulse. “Will I die from the venom you placed in my mouth?” He asked.

 Miki couldn’t help but to blush. For some reason, the mouth to mouth transfer sounded intimate with his phrasing. “No. It is different.”

 He turned her, the blade never wavering. Her back met his chest and he lowered his head along side hers to speak. Warm breath stroked her ear. “I know of the Raasa means of defense and I would have you vow that you have not poisoned my men or I.”

 “I vow that I have not.” She hissed suddenly angry at his accusations. “I seek to save you in exchange for your help.” She struggled in his grip but his hold held firm and the blade bit deeper into her flesh. Miki froze. Would he actually kill her?

 “Tell me this bargain you seek and I will decide if we accept.”

 The others did nothing to aid her. In fact, the one she was beginning to hate intensely smirked at her. “I need a mate.” No response, not even a betraying twitch. He knew. They’d already told him of her desire. This was a game. A cruel game. She bit her lip to control her wayward tongue. Anger would solve nothing at this point. Putting pride to the side, Miki repeated her bargain. “In exchange for saving your lives, I seek a true union to help me and my house defend ourselves against Thenl.”

 “You have refused the others.” He ran the blade from her neck to her shoulder and back again. It wasn’t a question.

 “The others would not have me and I would not have the Over Lord,” she corrected.

     His entire frame stiffened. “You would refuse the leader of the War Lords you see before you? Why?”

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  1. ToniToni

    Sci Fi? Be still my heart! My mouth is already watering to read the rest of this story!

    December 26, 2013

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